RnR - CnR 



                                 Every Friday Night



                              9:00 P.M. EST - 6:00 P.M. PDT - 2:00 A.M. UTC


                                             2100 Hrs - 1800 Hrs - 0200 Hrs 


Our Fast Lane events will now feature RnR/CnR as the main attractions.  Yes, racing is still an option, but only if we don't have enough participants to play RnR or CnR.  The reason for the change is to have an established day/time to play those two particular formats.  We normally engage in random races throughout the week, however, of late we've been playing RnR during the Fast Lane, so we decided to make it the focal point of our event.  

To make it as convenient as possible for those who want to participate, we've created a consolidated zip with all the tracks (with the pod.ini) you'll need for both formats.  Simply download the zipped files, extract the pods and pod.ini to your MTM folder, and you're ready to roll!  NOTE: Save your existing pod.ini if you have tracks mounted you like to keep . . . or better yet, use Podswap or Cowpod to set up track lists.


The purpose of the game is for the cops to catch the robbers, flip their truck, then "tag" them with your truck before theirs flips right-side-up.  "Caught" robbers sit out for the duration of the game.  It's not easy to do, but it's a blast trying.  Here are the specific rules for CNR:


Race-rumbles consists of teams of two players:  1 racer - 1 rumbler (specifically, a blocker). Since MTM 2 allows up to 8 players, you can have as many as four teams of two.  The idea behind RnRs is to have your team's racer finish the race first. Blockers provide assistance to their teammate by blocking or hindering the other team's racers, and if necessary, the other blockers.  It's always exciting and unpredictable, often times culminating in a last minute, desperate attempt to beat your opponents to the finish!  Here are the rules & a few tips:

Both formats are great fun, but having a voice chat program such as the one we use (Team Speak) mulitplies the fun factor by another three or four notches easily. If you're inclined to give RnR and/or CnR a try, we highly encourage you to download and install teamspeak as well.  You won't regret it!