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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 P2 Fulligen  Replay by Jumper: 16 med soft. 2nd lap in 2:38:46. This one only shows one of the many line options. Look at the other p2 replay in the race section (at buttom) to see more options.
  P2 Fulligen / Race

 Replay by Cope: Sets were 1800 m/s with a lap time of 2:38.83. Pay particular attention to the cornering. This is an extremely fast-paced track, so precision-like cornering is an absolute must in order to shave seconds off your lap time. When you've got two racers running it like Jump and I did, it makes for some exciting stuff!!

 This replay is interesting as you can see two different line being use during the race. View from Cope's chase far view you can easily see both trucks all the way.