If you've never watched a replay of a race or rumble in MTM 2, perform the following:

1. Open the game as you would when playing offline. At the top where you see "Race" "View" "Options" & "Help"…select "View" <---click here to see the picture.

2. Next choose "Instant Replay". You should now see the replay screen for MTM 2.

3. In the lower left-hand corner you'll see "Open". <---- click to view a picture. Select it. Upon opening, you'll note that the folder "Saved Replays" is empty - that's normal.

a. What you just did was create a sub-folder entitled "Saved Replays" in the MTM 2 directory, which will enable you to send .rpl files (replays) to that folder to be viewed

4. The next task is to extract a replay to your MTM 2 directory. If you've unzipped and extracted add-on tracks/trucks to your game, the procedure is basically the same. The only difference is instead of sending the .rpl file to the MTM 2 directory, you'll send it to the Saved Replays sub-folder within the MT2 directory.

5. Once that's accomplished, re-open the game and repeat steps 1 thru 3. Now select the .rpl file you wish to view by double-clicking on it.

6. The replay will begin to load and commence playing. Now simply do the following:

a. Press F4, then simultaneously press "Ctrl" and the number "3" keys (Ctrl-3)

7. Upon completion, you should be able to view the trucks from what's known as the "chase far" position. Everything else works just as it would in a normal game.

a. To see the names of the drivers press "N". To switch trucks press "K".
b. You can toggle the Dashboard by pressing "D".
c. The checkpoint finder (F) and Pitboard (O) functions don't work in replay mode.
d. The "Insert", "Delete" keys move the camera angle to the left and right respectively
e. The "+" and "-" keys move the camera angle down and up respectively. Experiment to find a camera angle/level to your liking.

8. To select a different replay, press "Esc" then choose "Open" which will once again display the list of .rpl files available to be viewed. Double click on the one you want to view, then press F4, Ctrl-2, then Ctrl-3, and you're done!


1: To view a replay of a track you just raced or rumbled, select "Instant Replay", then perform step 6a. To save the replay after viewing, press "Esc", then choose "Save" and name the file.

2. To go back to normal race screen hit the "Continue" button (buttom right).