- N&U Archives & MTM2 Downloads  posted by COPE Jan 21, 04

This isn't ground breaking news, but it's news nonetheless.  Our N&U Archives page has been updated to reflect our current chronological status (and beyond).  Secondly, our APL list at MTM2.com is now up-to-date thanks in large part to Phin.  That's it - quick and easy!

- Track Lists Garage Settings  posted by COPE Jan 20, 2004

We've made a few updates to the Jump-Cope & Die Hard track list garage settings pages, so for those who have 'em, you might want to get the updated version.  Also, thanks to PaPa, we now have the garage settings page done for the consolidated APL.  If you notice a discrepancy anywhere on our site, please contact Scrooch or myself.


NOTE:  Minor adjustments have been made to the APL.ini, so please re-download the new version.  No tracks have been changed.

- New & Improved APL!! posted by COPE Jan 18, 2004

In an attempt to be more customer service oriented, we're streamlining one aspect of our operations here on SLO.  We just completed merging our two APLs into one; back the way it originally was.  So, if you currently have both lists, all you need do is download the new .ini, as well as this zip which contains the new tracks we added.


If you have one of the two APLs, and would like to have the entire set, let me know and I'll arrange to link you to the portion you need (what a pal, huh). In the interim download the 6 new tracks I mentioned above.  


If you're macho, like Scrooch (who did most of the leg work for this little project), you can get the whole sh-bang in one easy-to-download, compact 108 meg file!  Hey, we aims to please here, and if you're not completely satisfied, call our hotline rep (SLO_Knuckles) collect at (303) WHO-CARES.  Believe me, he's almost as charming as he looks lol. Grin 

- CH_2005's Pod Swapper  posted by COPE Jan 16, 2004

Hey gang, CH has come up with a killer pod swap program.  No, there's nothing wrong with Knarf's MTM Starter, and it will certainly remain on our site, but I'm here to tell ya, this program is pretty slick.  It's still in beta format, but definitely check it out and give CH any feedback/input you feel is warranted.  One of the features he's working on is allowing the host to dictate what list is run.  When the host swaps to a particular list, it'll swap everyone's game to that list.  LOL amazing stuff for a game this old, huh?  I love it!!!  


But do give this program a try.  After you download it, and you have all or most of the lists, you can use this .ini file and put it in your MTM directory.  Any list you don't have simply delete.  If you have any questions, ask.  If I can't answer it, I'll direct you to the man himself! 

- Ultra Login Now Available  posted by COPE Jan 12, 2004

A while back I made a post about "One-Click", a nifty little tool that allows for a direct route to the Nitro Game room, a shortcut of sorts.  At the time I didn't know who authored the program.  I do now; it was ATW_Vipa_.  He recently updated it (called Ultra Login), and let me tell ya, it's pretty slick--definitely much improved.  He's included instructions on the page and within the download, so be sure to check 'em out.  Just another great tool that makes this game just that much more enjoyable.  Thanks a heap, Vipa!!  


P.S. - I've updated our Utility page with the new version. 

- Utility/Links Page Update  posted by COPE Jan 8, 2004

CH_2005 hasn't made the MTM 2 Nitro Game room his hangout place of choice in the past few years, hence a lot of people who play this game may not even know who he is.  However, that doesn't negate the fact that he's made some substantial contributions to this game.  He's probably best known for his track "Farm Road 129", and most recently, his superb multipurpose utility, C-Pod (which I love - check it out!).  If you'd like to delve a little deeper, have a look at his place; he's got some nifty stuff there.  


If you're wondering why we're promoting CH's products, well, here on SLO we've taken it upon ourselves to declare Jan 8 "CH_2005 day"!  Actually we were bored and needed something to do, and this is the best we could come up with lol.  All kidding aside, we're simply making amends (so to speak) for something that should have been done long ago.  He's a great guy (who incidentally will start hanging out in the Zone more in the coming weeks/months) who, like so many others who play a "behind the scenes" roll, makes MTM 2 a more enjoyable game for us all.  

- Man of the Hour: Rep Fan!  posted by COPE Jan 5, 2004

It seems that Rep Fan has suckered...I mean "captured the attention" of one BowtieBandit2004.  So much so that the guy built a track to honor the guy (a Christmas present of sorts), and what a track it is!!  It's called, "Replica Fan's Garage" - a tight, short little circuit with more than enough variety to keep you and some runnin buddies busy a while.  As RF says, "it's highly recommended", and I wholeheartedly agree, so by all means check this one out!


NOTE to Bowtie - For Christmas this year, if I somehow manage impress and amaze you (kinda like my friend, RF), don't make me a track; send money instead lol. 

- Two More New Tracks!  posted by COPE Jan 2, 2004

Looks like there are two additional tracks to highlight.  The first is once again by Phin, but if you look it up at MTMG's track page, you'll see the name "Stephen Leacock", a Canadian educated author (1869-1944).  As usual there's a story there, but my time and space have limits, so if you want, feel free to ask Phin about it lol.  The track is called "Mariposa".  It's similarity with Smoke and Mirrors begins and ends with the fact that it's model free, save for a few signs, and all but one of them serve as checkpoints.  The track, as Phin describes it (and Scrooch will attest to lol), puts you at risk the moment you click "Go", which is probably a slight understatement lol.  If you're a racing purist, this one's for you--no doubt about it.  Great stuff once again, Phin


The other track is buy Malibu350, who is arguably the king of short circuits (among other things).  He has an uncanny knack for taking simple layouts, adding moderate levels of difficulty, all the while balancing them with just the right mixture of fun and excitement by employing speed, jumps, and/or transitions that require racers to "think" as opposed to going full throttle from start to finish.  Additionally, the atmosphere he creates with his model work (which is second to none, by the way) is always right on the money. "Ragin Cajun", his newest release, fits those characteristics to a "T".  Check out this track, gang; it's quite a treat.  Superb job, Mal - awesome stuff, man! 

- Happy New Year!!!!!  posted by COPE Jan 1, 2004

First things first:  I hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe ushering in of 2004, and that this new year brings you tons of happiness, success...and whatever else it is you want/need/desire lol.  


Along with this new year we also have a couple of new tracks!  The first track is by my bud, Winterkill, entitled Expo Loading Dock - a tribute to Expo 2003 and its participants.  If you know anything about Wint, you know his work is always topnotch--always. For this one, he hooked up with Phin & Mal (collectively known as the modern-day Three Stooges lol) who provided...well, checkout the read.me - it's all there!  Outstanding work though, Wint!  A great track, but more importantly, an extremely nice tribute to last year's Expo, and to the people who made it happen!


Next up is a track by the name of "Smoke & Mirrors" by "Marquis de Sade" (Phin lol).  Since I don't have 3 years to spend dissecting and analyzing this guy's rather unique personality, I'll limit my comments to the track lol.  There's significantly more to this one than meets the eye.  Upon first glance you're reaction might be, "Where are all the trees, houses,  and other pretty stuff".  Well, there isn't any lol.  This track was made essentially for the sole purpose of proving that using 256X256 textures DOES in fact work with the right approach, and boy does it ever!  As a bonus, Phin threw in one heck of a great rally, and let me tell ya, it's quite a ride!  In fact, you won't even notice the lack of props & models because the layout itself speaks volumes.  It'll give you some extremely intense, fast-paced races, and at times produce some incredible crashes lol.  Superb job on both counts, Phin!  I mean, what does it matter that no one on this planet truly understands what roams around in that head of yours; you've cranked out one mean track, that's for sure lol.