- Important Notice About Our APL  posted by COPE Mar 16, 04

If you've already downloaded our new APL, you'll want to re-download the .ini file.  We discovered that the track "Happy" uses files from the Pyramid rumble.  We removed all stock tracks to make room for the extra selections we made for our updated APL, but periodically you'll happen across a track that requires files from one of the stockers, which was the case here.   


Finally, the garage settings for the new APL are up, so have at 'em!  Thanks PaPa!!

- New & Improved APL...and More! posted by COPE Mar 15, 04

We recently finished putting the final touches on our APL, and in our humble opinion, it's AWESOME!  Basically we held onto the tracks we wanted to keep racing, plus added 18 different ones.  I know some may see it as overkill, but here on SLO we prefer to look at it as "maximizing the game's potential" lol.  Fancy, huh?  


While I'm here, Scrooch (it's an old pic - he's 7 now lol) suggested that this post contain a little humor (as if that pic of him wasn't enough).  Since he did the bulk of the work putting our new APL together I figured why not oblige the little tike lol.  I went into my personal archives & dug up a conversation I had with SLO_PreaCHeR around this time last year.  We briefly touched on the topic of tracks and track lists, so it's sorta relevant to this post I guess...I mean, if you really stretch it lol.  By the way, it was on MSN, & his login name is "Chuckelz/Hawkeye".  He's got a thing for the M.A.S.H. comedy series lol. 


At any rate, the updated APL is up & ready to go!  Look for it to be featured in an upcoming "Fast Lane" event as well!!

- New & Improved Powerstroke! posted by COPE Mar 9, 04

For no other reason than genuine kindness (and a small handling fee of $195.00), Replica Fan rebuilt HotShoe's truck (an exact replica of the one he owns, btw), minimizing the number of vertices, which induce lag.  It still looks the same; it's just meaner and leaner.  It'll be available on our site tonight, as well as in the SLO_RIDER pack I'll be updating as well.


On Shoe's behalf I'd like to once again say thanks, partner.  Your generosity never ceases to amaze me, bud.  After seeing both of your pictures together for the first time like this the other thing that amazes me is the slight resemblance I'm picking up on lolol.  Are you sure you're not Shoe's long lost son?  LOL, regardless, another awesome job, RF...and thanks once again, partner!!