- Mission Accomplished  posted by COPE Mar 5, 05

Nearly five months ago we embarked on a massive undertaking . . . considered crazy (and justifiably so) according to those who heard what we were about to do.  The task was to download and run every track at MTMG without a lap time (if applicable) and garage set, and believe me, there were a group of tracks that had neither - well over 2,000 in fact.  When I was discussing it with Phin & Mal in the MTMG Forum it sounded rather routine, casual even.  But after sleeping on it and letting the idea seep in a bit, then scanning the list of tracks by year in order to ascertain how big a job it would be, I kicked myself (several times . . . hard) for not keeping my mouth shut lol.  


Nevertheless we forged ahead, and on October 20, 2004, we setup a separate section in our forum to plan our attack.  This forum also facilitated better communication with respect to the task at hand since we weren't distracted by the general chit-chat that takes place in our General forum.  Once that was done it was time to procure a few volunteers, and boy did we get a turnout!  Have a look at the all-star lineup that participated:























The project was completed March 3, 2005, after only 4.5 months.  In the end it turned out that we did quite a bit more than just run tracks for lap times and garage sets.  Some of the tracks were flawed to the point where they wouldn't run at all. Others had visual blemishes, or functional flaws that prevented checkpoints from tripping correctly and the like.  Over 90% of the flawed tracks we found were fixed (Mal & Phin's area of expertise), which is significant to say the least.  On top of that, an updated version of Fixmore will be released some time in the near future, and it'll cover a broader spectrum of cosmetic flaws, particularly in older tracks.  


I'm truly impressed with the effort and cooperation that went into making this happen.  Although it falls short of what these guys deserve, I'd like to thank each and every person who signed up to lend a hand.  MTMG was established for the MTM community, so in my mind it was fitting that the MTM community came together to make this happen.  Here are the tracks by year:


1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004  2005 


Before closing, there are a few people I'd like to highlight:

FIRE_Intimidtr - this guy was awesome.  He's a former rumbler turned die-hard racer who was going thru tracks like it was food lol.  Intim, thanks for everything bud! 


Malibu50 - not only did he help repair tracks, he was running tracks as well!  Phin ran a couple, but he mostly sat back in his chair and waited for broken tracks to come to him.  He was great at complaining and whining, however lol.


NIR_uLtraMaX_ & RobbyH14 - our drag track specialists at large.  Thanks fellas!!  You have no idea how much your input helped to pull this off.  There's just a ton of drags out there lol.


SLO_BRO_USA - when we began this project BRO was on dial-up, yet he was going thru tracks like a buzzsaw, cranking out more than most of the cable/dsl users lol.  BRO, your effort level and dedication to this endeavor was nothing short of  impressive, bud.  Thanks again for ALL the help you provided.


SLO_SCATTER - in typical fashion he was there when it started, and he was right there when it ended.  Believe me, I certainly didn't expect anyone to go the distance, not at all.  Nor do I look down upon anyone who only ran a few tracks and called it quits.  I appreciate everyone's input, regardless of how many tracks they ran - they all counted toward the finale.  My point is this guy is always there - start to finish. . . always.  Heck, just read the post below this one; you'll understand then lol.  SCAT - no need for me to reiterate what's already been said, partner.  You're one of a kind.  Thanks a heap!!!

- The Quintessential SLO  posted by COPE Mar 2, 05

He doesn't make tracks, trucks or web sites.  Nor is he a whiz-bang, techno geek with in-depth knowledge of various programs associated with this game we play.  However, what he excels at, and indeed has an abundance of, are qualities and traits often times overlooked, underrated, and woefully unappreciated.  


He's pretty economical when it comes to expressing himself, comparatively speaking, I mean.  You won't find threads in our general or private forum (if it were open to the public, that is) with his name attached to it, ranting and raving about . . . well, anything.  That sort of nonesense is reserved for a select few lol.  He epitomizes the words 'class act', and not a day has gone by since we've known each other (Dec '99) that he's been anything but.  The person I'm referring is SLO_SCATTER

Simply put, the guy is awesome, he really is.  He's an excellent racer & super tough rumbler, but more importantly he's always, and I mean always right there to pitch in or assist with whatever is needed for our team, as well as the MTM community.  From where I'm standing he's the ultimate SLO, sporting a sense of teamwork & camaraderie that in my opinion is second to none.  Consider this:  recently he was voted "Racer of the Tournament" by the other competitors, which in large part is indicative of the level of respect he's earned around the Zone. 


Anyone can learn to make tracks, trucks, & master a horde of computer-based programs, but it takes a truly unique person to achieve the kind of respect & admiration he has.  It's not something you can teach, it can't be learned, and you definitely can't buy it in a store.

SCAT, if you're wondering where all of this is coming from, well . . .don't.  You've earned it, bud - three or four times over.  You may not realize it, but you've been a huge part of this team's success, so this is just our way of saying, 'thank you'.   Personally I'm extremely proud to call you a friend and teammate, and I'm quite sure that sentiment is echoed by everyone on Team SLO!

- The Tribute Comes to a Close  posted by COPE Mar 1, 05

 ~ Guitar Bill ~  


The man ultimately responsible for MTM 2's longevity and unparralled variety we've all enjoyed in this game via add-on tracks was fittingly honored during the month of February.  Tournament Host +ShadowPrincess0, at the request of MTMG, featured tracks by Guitar Bill the entire month. This past weekend, "Rally+", an extremely tough and demanding track from his Cumbria track pack was chosen to wrap things up.  The turnout was pretty decent, and the racing was even better - fun and exciting stuff.  Regardless of whether you attended one or all of the tournaments to honor Gutar Bill, if you see +ShadowPrincess0 out and about, be sure and thank her for taking the time to host such a grand event.  Well done, +SP.


As with most tournaments, there were first, second, and third place finishers, and you can see the results here.  The intent of this post, however, is not to recount or boast about who placed where, but to highlight the memory and legacy of a man whose contribution to this game cannot be measured with words or numbers.  His genius impacted and influenced so many people, particularly those who make tracks, regardless of whether it's a drag, rumble, circuit, rally or freestyle.  For those of us who don't make tracks, he will forever be remembered as the man who paved the way for the years of fun and enjoyment derived from playing this great game.   


Here's to you, Guitar Bill, and on behalf of the entire MTM community, thank you . . . and may you rest in peace.