- It's A BadMudder of a Track  posted by COPE May 29, 05

By now most people know BM as our newest member.  What you may not know is that he's also a track maker.  Granted he's been away from that particular facet of the game for some time . . . make no mistake, he still knows the ropes.  His new track is entitled "Oilfield Knockout", and although it was designed for RnR, it makes for a pretty nifty race track as well.  


Very nice work, BM!  Interesting enough, we were just about to boot you off the team since you've yet to pay your locker dues.  The money goes toward page upkeep, vehicle maintenance, my personal entertainment needs, and anti-ditz training for Kathy (progress has been slow), but that's neither here nor there.  Anyway, seeing as how you made this really cool track, we decided to keep you around lol.  


Everything's updated: pod.ini's, SLO_Tracks page, SLO Tracks zip, RnR page, RnR zip, garage sets page, MTMG--the works, so be sure to add this one to the appropriate lists! 

- New Fixmore Now Available posted by COPE May 13, 05

Fixmore is a MTM utility that serves as an external patch of sorts, a band-aid, if you will.  During the 5-month long MTMG project, Phin compiled data from tracks with various types of flaws (visual & functional) and incorporated the fix for those flaws into an updated version of this utility.  Simply mount it at the very top of the pod.ini, just below the number, and you're all set--it's that easy. 

- PreACheR's Got Another New One! posted by COPE May 1, 05

This track was released yesterday, but I figured I'd wait til today to announce it to start May off right.  The title of this post is somewhat inaccurate by the way.  Omou is actually not new at all.  It's a little number PreACh threw together back in 2001, but for reasons only he and his therapist can understand, he never got around to releasing it lol.  It's a short rally, and a very nice one at that with a Enocell-ish flavor to it.  


It's been added to our SLO Track List, so be sure to download the new ini and toss the track in your MTM folder.  Of course, if you don't have the list, you can always download the whole sh-bang here.


Preach, admittedly when I ran it several years ago my impression was that it was average at best.  But now that you've "tweaked it", it's become one of my favorites--I love it!  It's got several spots you have to massage and tip-toe through, but that's what makes it challenging, fun even.  Sure, you were a pain in the butt to beta test for, and you released it too early . . . but that's nothing new lol.  Still, I tip my hat to you for a job very well done, bud.  Hopefully this will inspire you to release a few of the other 47 tracks you have sitting on your hard drive lol.