- HBC List Update posted by COPE Sep 24, 04

As promised, "Train Easier" has been added to our HBC list.  Be sure to grab the new .ini as well.  I have a few more updates to make, which include re-uploading the track lists garage sets (whoops!), adding a few new tracks to our Miscellaneous Tracks page, and a few other minor what-nots.  Nothing major, nothing really significant for now.  


Finally, I have tutorial in the works for CH_2005's Podswap.  The lazy bum went thru all that trouble to write the program, but didn't put a tutorial together.  Programmers - can't live with em, can't format 'em lol.  At any rate, I'll post it up when it's all set to go!

- Back On Track (Intentional Pun) posted by COPE Sep 23, 04

Getting right down to business, the most notable update of late has been _Bimmer_M1_ earning a trial in a quest to become a member of our team.  His trial period began Sept 10 and will end Sept 30 at midnight Central time.  He's an...odd (struggled to think of a socially acceptable word) little fella.  Interestingly enough, he loves BMWs...but he's not old enough to drive one yet lol.  I really get a kick out of the little nerd when I hear him say "I've been working on my car".  I always envision a matchbox car propped up on toothpicks, with _Bimmer_M1_ attempting to lay under it like it was the real deal. 


It looks as though tourneys may be returning to MTM 2 with +ShadowPrincess (lol I've been afraid to ask about that name) possibly picking up the slack.  More to come on that, however.  Lastly, I'd be remiss in my MTM duties if I didn't acknowledge the efforts of ALL2much for hosting countless tourneys for what I believe was well over a year.  Awesome stuff, A2m!


SLO_RAZ asked me to add the rumble "Train Easier" to our HBC list, which I'll do right after I'm done hoisting up this post.  I didn't recognize the name at first, but after using CH_2005's nifty C-Pod utility to convert it to a circuit, which allowed me to check it out offline.  That's when the memories of the beatings SLO_SS and myself took at the hands of one SLO_nLuVnIt came rushing in.  Back then her zone name was just "Vickie", but she played like her name should've been Victor...sporting a few tattoos on her forearm, a five-o'clock shadow, and a half-smoked cigar hanging out of her face.  At any rate, it's a pretty fun rumble, and will undoubtedly prove to be a welcome addition to our rumble collection.


That's going to wrap it up for now, but believe me there's definitely more to come, so stay tuned!

- Tap-Tap-Tap...Is This Thing On? posted by COPE Sep 22, 04

Yes, it's been a while since the N&U was updated; two months to the day to be exact, but make no mistake, SLO was still very much alive and kickin'.  I could go thru and cite all the reasons why this page has been idle...and most of them are even legit, but in the end it matters not, so let's just get down to business!


Ok strike that; I've got a few things to take care of all of a sudden like, so I guess I won't get to the real deal til tomorrow after all.  See ya then!