2nd Chance:

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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
  2nd Chance   By NIRc_uLtRaMaX_: I used 1600ms for the replay, first lap was a 1:50:31 to warm up, 2nd lap was a 1:46:84, and the 3rd lap was a 1:47:16. I used a the brake going to cp3 in the s-curve, tapping the brake just before the crest of the little jump, to set me up for the right hand corner through cp 3. After cp 11 going to cp 12, I let off the gas a little to slow down for the jump into cp 12, and the right hand corner that leads to cp 13. And the rest was just rounding out the corners, and smoothing the line as much as possible, and tucking the truck in tight next to the last 2 cps.