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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial

 Replay by Cope: Two cuts we didn't know about on Jawbreaker; the first cut gets you up that double jump quicker, more efficient (watch it on 2nd lap tho; train). Second jump is major; shaves off several seconds, and you'll see why. Be sure to turn your map on. : ) Ran a 2:16 with a few miscues this morning - first lap.

 Jumper: I managed a 2:12:33 using these cuts. If you run the first lap in 2:14 or low 2:15, i suggest you do not use the 1st cut. As this cut make you land a bit shorter than the normal way, you'll land on the train. If you do a good job on 2 first laps, then you can use that cut for the next 2 laps.