Crabbtree Lake

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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 Crabbtree lake  Replay by N8: Here's a pack of two replay, is the 2nd half of a 43.00 using 17ms...the 1st half i lost about half a sec in the water so this should be about as clean as it gets & show u my line thru the loop which is a little unique: is one is the entertaining one. I figured I'd try a run on 16ms to see if it would help even more, but just by going around the 1st lap I could tell it was a hair slower due to the tach bein max'd all the time. But check out what happened on the last lap...mind u, it was still a 43.49 LoL:

BTW, u'll need N8's Ride podded to watch these, which is indeed included in the SLO Riders pod