Ecstasy Run

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  Ecstasy Run

  By jumper: 1600 medium soft tires here. There's a bunch of short on this one. As i could only save a few seconds at a time, several replays were require to get all the cuts.

ecstasyrunshort1_to2_2_to_3_16ms.rpl show the way to shave cp 1 to cp 2 and goes on to cp 3. The train will often interfere with your path. So what i did was to wait 10 to 15 seconds at the start line. With that i was good to avoid the train for the next few laps.

ecstasyrunshort_cp_6_to_7_7_to_8.rpl show how to get from cp 6 to cp 7 and then to cp 8.

ecstasyrunshort_8_to_9.rpl is the way to get from cp8 to cp9

ecstasyrunshort_9_to10.rpl show the cut between cp 9 and cp 10

ecstasyrunshort10_to11.rpl and here's the last one, between cp 10 and cp 11.