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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 Elevation 2  Replay by N8: Using 18 ms on this. ran a couple 2-lappers for replay's sake, ended up getting my fast lap (1:54:07 on 2nd lap of this replay). Both of these "lines" are usable but I wouldn't guarantee they're faster...just another option...the 1st 1 is harder than the default line...the 2nd 1 is a bit easier...
 Elevation final round  Replay by N8: This replay feature the final lap of the final round during A2M tourney held august 16 2003. Jumper led the race during near 4 1/2 laps and N8 finally made a successfull move in the very last curve. RaZ got bad lag kick trying to pass during 2nd lap and followed in 3rd place not far behind untill the finish. What a trilling ride that was!