Jumping Screwballs

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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 Jumping screwballs  Replay by Jumper: 2000 med: This one is all about the line but there's 2 very minor cuts. Resist the temptation to cut to much on the first cut. The 2nd cut require to let the gaz go while descending the hill. This replay start on the 1st lap of 3. the 2nd lap was one in 4:12.05 and the third one was a lap in 4:10.58. The truck i used here was a beta version of executioner by Alpine. That truck is very stable and handled very smoothly in those long bank curves at high speed.
 Jumper's crash of the year  Replay by Jumper: This fun replay feature one of the longer crash i ever seen in this game. The first lap was sloppy and it just got worse during the 2nd lap. Believe it or not lol trucks can fly...So grab a beer and check out the 2nd lap.