Nem's truck stop

Get it from Team SLO


Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 Nem's truck stop  Replay by SLO_Cope: I've included partial replays of the cuts since it won't make a complete replay. Hope it helps!

*nem1 - First lap: let off the gas as you approach the white vehicle and allow the oncoming semi to bypass, then proceed on around the car and on to cp 1.

*nem2 - Self explanatory, but watch those trees!!

*nem 3 - Control your speed going over the hill by the blimp. Also, drop it into to 2nd gear when you get just by the support column for the underpass - it allows you to gain control of the slide into cp 7.

*nem4 - For this one look at where I go off-road to take the short. I didn't hit it perfect, but if you aim slightly left of where I went off, you should be able to take it full speed thru cp 9 and then cut thru the trees back to the road.

Decent times are 1:35 and lower.