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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
 PBA   By Jumper: As the track couldn't register full replays i had to make a few short one. I've pulled some darn good laps on this track using 1800 ms 2:09.84.

There a small but effective corner cut between cp 2 and 3. You'll need to hold on the throttle and start to turn early to take that one.

I found a short between cp 5 and 6 that really rock. I managed it with a fair consistency in software mode but i found it extremly difficult to make using hardware. If you dare try software, the feeling is horrible (bouncy) for several laps but somehow you'll get use to it if you're patient.

For those who cant do it, check the replay named pbashort_cp5_to6_option2 include in the replay pack. This one is safer but will take an extra 3 seconds from the previous option.

There's a big curve between cp 9 and 10. To take this one effectively at full speed, you need to enter the first portion of the curve wide and stay close to the trees as shown in replay pbacurve_9_to_10.

Good luck to all.