Tecate 350

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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
  Tecate 350   By Jumper: 1700 ms worked great here.This one lap replay start close after passing the start line. As you'll see, this one require to smooth up the line as much as possible. Due to the banked slopes in many areas, it's paramount to control your speed to keep the truck rolling straight. Driving to fast wile entering some of the banked curves will easily make the truck to spin around. I've achieved laps in the 23 range using gears as low as 1500 ms but later found that at 1700 ms it was easier to control my truck using low RPM than shifting into lower gear at high RPM. At 1800 and above, i suffered significant loss of speed in the rocky uphill climbs. My guess is, depending on your driving style and ability you may want to try from 1400 to 1800 ms