Tibet Cliffslide

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 Tibet Cliffslide

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 1: Replay by RazZy: Ran this for about five sets trying different gears (software mode too). Finally tried software mode. Think it helped, not sure. I did get my best with it, but just barely. The 1:31.09 is on the 3rd lap in software mode. Used 1700 MS. Got the 1:31.25 in 3D mode using 2000.

 2: Replay by: Redneck. This was done at 1700 m/m. The Fook Hunter (GA Peach) is a soft truck, so medium suspension works best on my truck. If you can hang on to it, medium keeps the truck tracking true through some of the weird bumps along the way, and keeps you tracking smooth in the corners....
The first lap of the replay is the hotlap, but you'll see some sliding that'll need to be worked on to get to a new record of :28, which I feel is very realistic.

 Notice the agressive setup going over that "plank-like" bridge. I've tried it smooth, and you don't lose any time by just setting up/landing sideways....it keeps your momentum going for that uphill. About 3/4 across, I just flip it..a quick "right/left" for a perfect setup everytime.

 At checkpoint 8..that weird double up the hill next to the Shrine place...notice the outside line going through the checkpoint. Going up the rocky side of the track keeps you on the ground, instead of bouncing up and down, and keeps your momentum up. Be careful of trying to split the tree and the building though. While it CAN be done with relative ease, it sets you up for a little "braking bump" at the check, which will throw you sideways.

 Last, after making the turn...notice that I setup wide to get a good straight run at that last big downhill. That's where EVERYONE loses it. Set up kinda wide...get a nice straight run at it...and FLOOR IT...you'll nail it every time.