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Settings and comments / Instant replay tutorial
  XLR 8 Info and replay are not available for now.   By NIRc_uLtRaMaX: 1500 ms here. This is a 6 lap replay. Laps 2 -4 were times of 0:57:95, 0:57:51, and 0:57:50, laps 5 and 6 were in the 58 range. Going to checkpoint 1 uphill, there is a sweet spot that you must hit, or else the bump to the left or right of it, will send you in the air, and way off to the right (as seen in lap 6). Watch my shift pattern as I go through checkpoint 3. When I land on the uphill transition to the left, I am off the throttle completely,and have my wheel turned to the right a bit upon landing, and let my momentum carry me up the jump, (prevents over-jumping the left hand hairpin corner). After checkpoint 6, you need to power slide your truck to the left, and have your wheels turned to the right a tad, as you hit the odd transition going uphill. Then you need to be off the throttle at just the right time as you go for the jump to land on the other side just right. (As seen in laps 3 and 4).