- Site Navbar Updated posted by COPE Apr 30, 04

Thanks to a comment Mal made in our forum several days ago, we now have a link on our navbar for Team SLO's HoF.  Funny, the thought never occurred to me to put it there, and no one on this miserable team ever said anything lol, but in retrospect it should've been put there when Jump established the page.  Oh well, as much as I hate to, I suppose we should thank Mal...dang it lol.  I have his address, so I say we all pitch in and buy the guy something nice...like a Phineus doll (batteries and a UHF antenna not included, btw).  That way the next time Phin jacks up the Fixmore.pod and blames it on Mal, he can take out his frustrations on that doll.  Come to think of it, maybe we'll get two; one for Mal and one to keep here at SLO HQ lol. 


I'm having "issues" with getting the forum to play nice, so it may be another day or so before it gets updated.

- Track List Installation posted by COPE Apr 29, 04

When installing one or more of our track lists, be sure to download and extract Fixmore3a to your MTM 2 folder.  This particular pod is not included in the track zips.  The reason for that is to preclude having an obsolete pod file if Fixmore3a is updated in the future.


Also, if you've been running any of our track lists and you've recently upgraded to Fixmore3a, you either have to edit your ini file(s) or re-download the appropriate .ini file(s) from our track lists page and overwrite the existing.  If you have any questions feel free to stop by our forum, zone message me, or drop me an e-mail.

- Track List Garage Sets posted by COPE Apr 29, 04

The garage sets page for the Replica Fan & HBC lists are now up-to-date.

- Team SLO's Utility Page posted by COPE Apr 28, 04

Alrighty, our utility page is up and running again.  Actually it never really went away; it's just that about half the links were broken due to a rather significant change in the server status I was hosting them on.  It's not worth explaining beyond that.  Actually, the only important words in this entire posts were spewed out in the very first sentence.  That's it for now, but I'll be back!

- Team Sorts at MTMG posted by COPE Apr 27, 04

The team sorts track lists ini's at MTMG have been updated to include the Fixmore3a.pod.  Additionally, I've updated the APL and RF lists to reflect the most current track selections. 

- Fixmore3a posted by COPE Apr 26, 04

This is relatively old news, but just in case some of you didn't get the word, there's an updated version of Fixmore3 out.  There was a name conflict issue with the previous version that caused a problem with Mal's Crazy 2002.5.  If you want details about the anomaly, call Phin collect at (333)-IBlewIt lol.  If you're not too concerned with the how's and why's and just want the file so as not to waste a second of race/rumble time...




SPECIAL NOTE: Our track lists currently have "Fixmore.pod" included in the zips, so if you've downloaded one or more of our lists, please delete that file and replace it with Fixmore3a.  Also, we're in the process of making updates to all of our lists.  We won't replace the existing Fixmore with Fixmore3a.  It makes more sense to leave it out to preclude having outdated versions mixed in with our lists. 

- New Tracks! posted by COPE Apr 26, 04

With the number of tracks that's been produced of late one would think there's money to be made in that line of work nowadays.  Mal has another new one out named, "Tecate350", and Phin's newest release is a EVO 2 conversion called, "Acropolis".  No need for hype with those two; their tracks are always "money in the bank".  Several members from Team NIR have ventured into the track making business, which is outstanding, and Yves_B snuck one in on as well - Desert 2.  There are others out there as well, so the best suggestion I can give ya is to head over to MTMG's track page and check em out!    

- SLO Now Has Flower Power!! posted by COPE Apr 17, 04

Personally I'm not all that big on flowers...'cept maybe on Mother's Day or when I'm looking to suck-up to my wife after violating one of the 284 rules she's established for our place of dwelling.  In general, however, I've never met a flower I wouldn't mind turning into mulch with my twin engine, turbo-charged weed eater lol.  Nevertheless, since we now have plant life on our team, I suppose it would be considered poor form to speak negatively of her...it...them...uh, flowers.  Without further ado, I now present SLO's newest member...




All kidding aside (mostly), she's the nicest...flower I've ever met, and I mean genuinely nice, too; not like Christy & LuV who pretended to be nice ladies just to get on the team, then the fangs, horns, tattoos, and 5 o'clock shadows came out.  But enough about them.  As a change of pace for these types of ceremonies (if you will), I "acquired" a few photos from the family album, and some of them are pretty interesting.  For starters, here's a picture of Daisy when she was just seed (with 18 other "weeds-to-be") fresh out of the package, and about to be shoved into the dirt.  And here she is again at 10-weeks-old; what a cutey, huh?  Here's a shot of her at her high school graduation - she's the one on the lower right-hand side.  This is a portrait that was done at a family reunion with the Delphinium family (close friends).  Here's a shot of her aunt at the family reunion, Rubeckia Hirta - known around town as "Black-Eye Susan". Oh, and guys, here's a picture of Daisy and some girlfriends in the shower!  Woooooooohooooooooo!!! That's just toooooooooo hot lol.


She's the mother of two now (Mandy and Ashley), and her days as a wildflower are pretty much over.  But hey, it's all the more reason we're glad to have her on the team.  She's settled now, has a firm grasp on the important things in life...and only requires watering twice a week with just a touch of fertilizer once every six months.  

Can you say, "low-maintenance babe?" 


LOL welcome to the team, Daisy!!!  A few of us (Raz, Christy...and the other person who voted for ya quit the team) sure are glad to have you aboard.  Have a look around the site, and if you have any special needs or requests (like a certain type of soil you prefer, a particular window you like to be positioned at for sunlight purposes, or maybe ridding your area of grass and weeds), feel free to ask anyone on the team except me; I don't have time for that crap lol.  But again, welcome, and by all means make yourself right at home!!