Installing & Managing SLO's Track Lists 

Some time ago Team SLO made the decision to have an Always Podded List so that at the very least we had a minimum of 30 tracks in common with each other.  After about 1.5 years we decided that wasn't enough; there were just too many great tracks being omitted from our racing repertoire.  Additionally, the overall consensus was that we waste a great deal of time trying to figure out who has what tracks when in rooms with racers from other teams.  With that in mind, we came up with additional racing lists, & I'm here to tell you, after you've experienced the variety, ease of use, and flexibility of our system, you'll understand why it's gaining more and more popularity.  With over 200 tracks in common amongst our team members (and many others who now have our lists), we think there's something there for everyone.  However, if your team would like to develop its own list(s), let us know.  It stands to reason that if you have one or more of our lists we should reciprocate in kind. 


If you're interested in adding individual tracks/trucks to your game vs. large quantities, but you're unfamiliar with the process, please refer to our Help page for step-by-step instructions.  


******IMPORTANT NOTE******

We use two different methods for swapping lists - MTM Starter & PODSwap.  One isn't better than the other; it's simply a matter of preference.  Regardless of which method you choose, the very first step is to download Fixmore4 & extract it to your MTM 2 folder.  It's required in order to properly mount the lists & successfully run the game.  

  • For instructions on installing Cowpod, click here.

  • For instructions on installing PODSwap, click here.

  • For instructions on installing MTM Starter, please continue reading.

Step 1.  Download podini 2 or podit (podit is recommended) and extract it to your MTM 2 folder.  Now open your MTM 2 folder and create 16 new subfolders (or subfolders for whichever lists you want) & name them as follows:  

2005   Adoob   APL   Alt   BRO's Choice   CNR   DH   HBC   J-C   R2R

RF   RNR   STL   SLO   SLO Reunion '07   Vintage



After you've created new folders for the track lists you want to install, you can make a final folder and place the other subfolders in it using a name such as "Pod.ini files" or something to that effect.  Makes for a less cluttered MTM 2 directory.


Step 2.  Download the track lists & their associated pod.ini files.  Extract all tracks to the MTM 2 folder and the pod.ini files to their respective subfolders.  

*RnR & CnR Track Pack*

(RNR-CNR ini)

RnR Rules/Track Listing/Suggested Settings

CnR Rules/Track Listing/Suggested Settings





Get all of our track list settings pages in one easy download here.


Step 3.  Download the following:  Java Runtime & MTM Starter


Step 4.  Follow the instructions here to complete the installation process.