- Changing Times...  posted by COPE Feb 16, 09

Our story, although accurately documented on the Team History page, comes up short with respect to capturing the heart and soul of this team, the great times we had, the tough times we endured, and everything in between.  Our N&U Archives, as well as threads like this in our forum depict who we were and are.  We weren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it's safe to say the most appealing characteristic we possessed was (and is) our camaraderie--a direct result of the strong personal friendships we cultivated over the years. 

As with any group of people there will always be personnel changes for a variety of reasons, but interestingly enough the addition of new faces and personalities didn't change the atmosphere of our team.  Year-in and year-out the fun and good times were just as intense as when we first started, which to this very day still amazes me.  Nowadays the tempo has changed with most of the guys and girls doing different things or playing different games, and in some cases real life has stepped in to redirect a few of our SLOsters' spare time.  Still, this website, along with our forum will remain, which we'll use to keep in touch as the years go by.  As for our teammates who we haven't seen or heard from in a while, this place serves as a beacon of sorts, a means for them to get in touch with everyone to say hi and let us know how they're doing.  

To be clear, this post is not representative of a SLO death certificate--not at all.  Although we don't play the game the way we once did, we're still very much "connected".  There was never a timetable with respect to how long this was supposed to last.  Truth be told, we went into it blind, with no expectations other than living for the moment.  No one could possibly foresee that this game would become a vehicle for forging the close-knit friendships we enjoy today...nearly 10 years later!  With that in mind, who's to say we won't be racing and rumbling in five years, reliving the great times of years gone by!

In closing, I'd like to add a personal note to the SLOs who are still around today: there are no words to express what you guys mean to me (even if I insulted you a time or 10 over the years lol).  To my teammates who moved on to other interests or obligations, I'm sure I speak for everyone by wishing you the very best in life.  Finally, and I know this goes without saying, but this is your home, so stop by the forum and say hello if you happen to read this!