The "History" page details the events that led to our beginning & the role TurboTA (a.k.a. The Captain) played, hence it would serve no purpose to reiterate what's already been written.  His place on our profile page signifies his importance to our team.  Although he's long since retired from the game, there are those of us who will always remember the fun & good times we had racing with "The Captain".  We wish you the best of luck, Jim.

Controller - NASCAR PRO Digital Racing Wheel w/Foot Pedals & Stick Shift
Hobbies/Interests -  
Famous Quote - In an effort to strengthen team spirit and mutual bonding, Triple-B made the following comments about his teammates:COPE is a "wanna-be", JDAK is a friggin cheater, SCAT tries hard, but will never be good enough, SS is here cause he don't have anything better to do...if I forgot anyone then you're not worth mentioning! Hehe ok now here's another quote.  Usually we only allow one, but since Triple B. was one of the guys who helped get this team going, we yielded: Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying: 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?'  Then I said, "Here am I!  Send Me!"
Well I guess I started about ummmmmm...yeah (It was Dec 99, and your wife's name is have two kids) My Pops gave me the game, and I started up with a 4 meg POS card and stumbled into the zone...and well the rest is history.  Started Kicking COPE's Butt and he said I should come and Kick N8's and JDAK's, too. And that's how it all began. Triple-B has trouble separating dreams from reality.  The only thing he was beating on when I met him was the scenery on any track he happened to be running at the time.  To this day, he holds the record as the absolute worst driver I've ever seen play this game.  He's a little better today...but not by much.

Controller - Sidewinder Force Feedback 
Hobbies/Interests - My interest used to be tearing up my 4X4 truck then having to fix it, fast cars, ski diving (is it me, or do you get the impression that his parachute didn't open on a few occasions?).  Oh yeah, I also like camping and boating and seeing if I can run across major highways with my eyes closed.  I've only been hit four times, so I'm pretty good at it. 
Famous Quote -  Read his history, then you'll understand why I'm afraid to ask.
As for the game I got it with a joystick or gamepad back late '98 or '99 (decisive, isn't he?).  It seems like forever (I bet it does; most people don't spend half their lives in a coma from being hit by cars and jumping out of planes with flawed parachutes).  My first team was BUD. That's how 4U2C came about; it kind of went with it.  You think about it, you don't drink it (I'm sure that'd make sense to me if I'd had as many Buds as you've had).  BUD folded, then Woody started the team OMG (I've seen you play, so that name was a good fit).  Then Judy (Pooh) and I ran the LS6 team after or she did.  You helped her out with the site.  LMAO damn, you want me to think back that far?  Trust me, I regret it already.  I almost want to ask what happened to OMG, but I'll pass.  We were just a rumbling team and played to have a good time, just like on SLO.  On LS6 Woody was 454, Tim was 427, Mike was ICDOAN, Daisy you know (please - I just ate), & Angi.  Oh and the kids - geez I can't forget about the kids (I can; they were a pain and needed to be beaten . . . and often)! 427 and I left LS6 and tried to start K56 - a man's team lmao (no comment).  Then I was on ZO for a short time.  Wait - which team was Mom on; ZO or ZR1? LOL you should know you were in the Zone almost every night (ZR1, and when I see Mom I'll show her your profile).  Anyway, I stopped playing because of the Zone.  That's when I'd go to SLO's site to find out what was going on.  Now most of LS6 is on SLO.  LOL make any sense?  No, not really, but the letters "OMG" come to mind.  He had more info, but I had to stop him - I just couldn't take it anymore. 

Controller - Sidewinder Precision Pro There's nothin' precise about it; stupid thing don't work half the time.
Hobbies/Interests -
MTM, football, baseball, little league sports.  He doesn't coach little league sports; he plays, & he's not very good.

Famous Quote - "I'm going to tell my wife what they did to me.   She'll beat 'em all, then they'll shutup & stop taking my lunch money and kicking me in my fat head after they push me in the mud."  

I started MTM-2 after a buddy (Hillbilly) gave me a disc and said "try this"
(You know he's not from NY if his best friend's name is Hillbilly).  We started our own team, Sissys Come & Unite, but after a while (about 4 days) we got tired of all the problems that go hand-in-hand with running a team (like turning on the computer, logging into the Zone, finding the launch button in the room, etc.), so we let it go and took a break (about 4 days), then joined XXX.  I was with them for approximately 2-years, then I left (in other words heI was tossed from the team for being a loser) them to join my wife (Tigerfly), who at the time was on this team .  She asked if they'd be willing to yet another good-for-nothin' rumbler who couldn't fight his way out of a torn, wet paper bag, and poof! there I was: SLO_ArcTiC (team towel boy & Cope's newspaper fetcher).  I ran with SLO for a while then took about a 3-yr break (got a new computer, but couldn't find the "On" button).  When I returned I saw quite a few unfamiliar SLOs, but the team looked the same.  I ran a few with SLO_VS (poor choice of SLOs, but oh well) for about a week, then asked if I could have my jacket back.  Now I'm here to aggravate  Cope (and fetch my paper) and make his life miserable once more!

Controller - 1st: Sidewinder Precision Pro.  2nd: Sidewinder FF Wheel. 3rd: Tongue & right pinky.  4th: Left eyball & right butt cheek . . .you kinda see where this is going?  All we needed was one, BM . . . just one.  It says "Controller" - singular. 
Hobbies/Interests -
MTM 2, Bass guitar in a Country/Rock band (I bet he's really just a prop and fetch boy), MTM 2, Computers, CobWeb Design, ranching (where men will be men and the sheep are nervous) and working horses, MTM 2.

Famous Quote - Hmmm . . . band quote is "Cowboy Up!!!Racing would be "DOH!" or on a more serious note (just j/k) "If you come to a fork in the road, take the one less traveled 'cause COPE will be blockin' on the busy side."  LOL just a note for RnR fans . . .  Yeah uh huh, great.  Tell ya what, BM - make yourself a note when you get a chance.  It should read, "Stop being a dimwit & follow directions.   When asked to send one quote, send one quote; not everything you've read scribbled on the outhouse wall."

It was in 96 when I first started racing MTM 1.   I raced offline until my (buddy-past employer-ISP provider) told me about the ZONE.  LOL must have wanted me to spend more time online.  Anyway, I started off with TKN (Totally Knarly Nerds) and eventually started my own team WAR (Wimps Are Racers, too). We had a very strong team, and each and every one of the members were great racers (No they weren't.  I raced a few of them; they were about as fast as PaPa . . . with a good tailwind) "Warriors" and friends.  After about 3.5 years I took some time off from racing ('cuz I never won and . . . and . . . all the other guys called me names, and made fun of my hat) and computers.  When I returned the team members had moved on to other endevours (Well yeah - whadda ya expect after being gone for over 2 yrs lol), so I ended up joining ROX in MTM2. Eventually teams started disappearing leaving only the hardcore "or addicted" racers/rumblers, which brings us to present day. I'm still trying to find that o/d button to get by Cope.... lol.  Keep lookin' cowboy.  If you loosen up that hat a little and take off those shades ya might just find it lol.

Controller - Microsoft Internet Keyboard (I don't care how fancy you dress it up, it's still a "keyboard").  The funny thing is, I also have a game pad controller & a joystick, but I chose keys over them.  "Funny" isn't the word that comes to mind.  The two words I think of are "moron" & "bone-head".
Hobbies/Interests - Cars (Matchbox BMW's & my Tonka Toy Mazda RX-7), snowboarding, GT-class Touring Car Racing, Formula-1 racing, photography, science, computers (mostly likes playing with the big boxes they come in), video games, paintball, & of course...Team SLO.  Not sure if anyone told ya, but you don't have to suck up anymore; you're on the team.  Now run along & be rude/inconsiderate like everyone else. 
Famous Quote - Here's a quote I heard one time, I thought it was very good.  It's an excerpt from a poem.  "...and when he gets to heaven, to St Peter he will tell; one more soldier reporting sir, I've served my time in hell..." I try not to butcher good famous quotes or sayings, which also goes for excerpts from poems, and that's certainly a good one.  Nicely done, Bimmer.
Late '98 - I got the game free with Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick (which came free  with the highchair & stroller set his Mom bought) I used to have long ago (the words "long ago" to someone his age translates to about 6 - 8 months).  I tried the game out and liked it a lot, (and it was almost as much fun as my rattler).  Shortly after (but before '99), I started playing on the Zone.  The rest is history.  Oh wait, history is what I'm supposed to be explaining right now.  Oh well, you all don't have 2 hours (he's lying; probably take all of 20 minutes) to sit here and listen to me talk about my complete Zone history lol. Actually it's more accurate to say we'd rather not be bored to tears by stories like, "I played today, crashed a lot, got an ow-wee on my head and knee, so I went home, had bottle of formula & blended prunes, then fell asleep in my swing."  

Controller - Presently I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick.  I assure you, this is only a "hold me over" 'til I can afford a nice wheel.  I'm hoping for a Nascar Pro Digital 2. (I'm saying my prayers lol).  Very nice, Bro - we're all very happy for you.  Next time just state the name of the controller, ok pal?  Geez, where do we dig up these guys!
Hobbies/Interests - My hobbies are simple (hehe--simple?  Did he say "simple"?) other then playing MTM 2. I enjoy my '55 classic Chevy p/u truck and my '98 Honda A.C.E. Shadow. These give me great pleasure and a wondeful way to just get away.
Famous Quote - I have two (well I only asked for one!). 1st is "HEY GET OFF ME".  The 2nd being my own -  "Life is already tough enough, so why go out of your way to make it tougher" NO COLORS 
Jul 01 - I discovered MTM 1 on MSN's free games page in the form of a free trial download.  In my excitement in finding this game, I discovered there was also a MTM 2 which i had to try as well, seeing how cool MTM 1 was. All this came about do to complete boredom from the oh so, ho-hum chat rooms.  After my excitement and lack of being able to share this with anyone else, I set out to find the game in the stores, which I did.  I was thrilled. Hehe--well,I think he pretty much covered it all.  Let's see, he was excited because it was cool, but chat rooms are oh so ho-hum...but then he was excited again, but simultaneously bummed because he didn't have anyone to play with.  Tell ya what, fella...anytime you need to talk just say the word; I'll be there for ya.  Besides, a real psychiatrist would cost you a fortune!

Controller - Logitech Wingman
Hobbies/Interests -
Fishing, camping, going to car races, reading.  Let's not forget, "stalling COPE for as long as possible just to piss him off. Undoubtedly her favorite!
Famous Quote - Hehe--Christy's kinda quiet, but it doesn't matter - I got her!!  Trust me, she's not the nice, quiet, do-gooder everyone thinks she is.  She's a mean ole, nasty hag that shows her fangs (real ones, too!) when no one's around.  Click below.

Oct 2000 - Shawn (SLO_nOct3rn4l) was having fun playing the game so decided I would give it a try.  Wonder how long that took, for her to "give it a try", I mean.  All I know is I been asking for this info for a freakin month and I'm just getting it (Jan 9, 2001)! 

Controller - Logitech Momo Force Feedback (Pic)
Hobbies/Interests -
SLO, tennis, aquariums, photography, racquetball, computers.
Famous Quote - Here's one of my all time favorites: Side note: Stomp, from time-to-time, pull your truck off the side of the road (or just leave it where you crashed), hop in N8's truck and watch how that guy works a track.  Now, I have to tell you, some of his stunts are not for the faint of heart, and they definitely shouldn't be tried at home! Thank you all for giving me the "creative freedom" to have "BIG" fun with our web page. You girls and guys are the absolute BEST!!!
Sept 99 - I was looking for a game to try out my new video card & my son picked it up in a store.  The rest is history.

Controller - Logitech Wingman Extreme Yep, it's a stick, which explains why she suc...I mean, why she's not "highly skilled".
Hobbies/Interests -
Gardening, landscaping (interesting hobbies for a glorified weed), quilting, camping, playing (name that fertilizer) on the computer.
Famous Quote - She doesn't have a personal quote per se, however, what she does have is several "less than lady-like" friends who amount to little more than puss-filled lesions on the rear end of society lol.  Have a look:

I got MTM 2 from a friend about 3-years ago (
There's a name for that.  Last time I checked it was still against the law).  Installed it and played it for several days having a blast.  I was messing around one day and happened to click on "connect to the zone", and me and my family took turns playing MTM 2 all weekend.  I got hooked and I've been playing off and on ever since.  I've made good friends and had some great times, and it's gotten me through some rough patches in my life.  Hehe I didn't have the heart to butcher this one since it's quite sincere and void of all the macho crap you'll find in Demi's or ICDOAN's profile lol.

Controller - Logitech Wingman Force Feedback  Wheel equipped w/an emergency parachute.
Hobbies/Interests -
Reading, girls?, writing on walls in public restrooms, football, MTM 2 & Playstation 2.  I'm always amazed at guys who put down "girls" as a hobby.  I wonder what Demi's current lady thinks of that particular hobby.   Well...I guess I'll have to ask her lol.
Famous Quote - Early on I knew there was some sort of connection between Demi & I.  His low-key modesty and surprising reverence for me...well, I get all misty just thinking about some of our early this one:

I started playing MTM 2 so long ago I can't even remember the date (
figures).  I think I was 16 or 17; I'm 22 now, so you do the math.  Translation: It was 6 or 7 months ago; you do the math because I'm too stupid to figure out what month that corresponds to. A friend of my Mother gave me the game undoubtedly to keep him from writing on walls in public bathrooms, which was about the same time I was getting indoctrinated to the internet.  Two months after I started playing I joined SYR as their new towel boy & expert tire licker.  Now I'm just your basic rumbler turned racer, however I can still rumble with the best of 'em if need be uh huh lol.

Controller - Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro Racing Wheel w/pedals & shifter
Hobbies/Interests -
Playing guitar, TEAM SLO, high-tech, computers
Famous Quote - People on this team go out of their way to make others feel...welcome.  Take THE DESTROYER (PA) for instance, who had this to say about one of his comrades who just returned to the team from a period of inactivity:  My son, who's 8, could kick your butt you road hoggin, son of a gun. But hey, it's good to have you back in town, buddy; hope to kick your butt Friday night.  We don't call him "Cuddles" for nothing.
Early 99, my best friend got me hooked on it and the Zone.  He was a rumbler, and I soon discovered I could race, too!

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback Stick.  very good, Duckie; nice & brief.  See how he did that, Bro?  He didn't give us some whacked out story about how his last controller went nuts-o and hurled itself out the window in the middle of a race, and now he's trying to find a "calmer" one.  Work on that, Bro.  Pay attention to this gu...I mean, Duck.
Hobbies/Interests - Hunting, fishing, shooting my compound bow, mountain biking...anything having to do with computers, and now I'm big-time into online gaming on the Zone. Well, all I can say is this is one hell of a Duck.  I never knew they could do all that stuff! 
Famous Quote - When asked about my age -  "I'm Old enough to know better and still too young to care" long do ducks usually live, anyway?  Hehehe--or does anyone care?
Apr 01 - Well lets see now...I wondered onto the MSN Gaming zone and downloaded the trial version of MTM2.  After running Farm Road 29 many times, I had to find out what the heck the rest of the game was like.  Besides, I wanted to get into online gaming, so I ran out and bought the full version.  The rest is history--lol . I've been in the automotive business for over 15 years now, and  I do a lot of off-roading for hunting & fishing, so the game was a natural for me (uh huh). That and the fact that, as opposed to your average run of the mill racing game, you don't have to "stay on the track".  That's me; a find my own road where there is no road, kind of guy. (Well Duckie, I've noticed in your quest to find your "own road" often find a rock or a tree...or the side of a mountain.  Here's a tip for ya: try using more of the road.  That's how the rest of us get to the finish line.  Nope, I'm not joking.  I never joke with ducks. Ever.  Hehehe)

Controller - Logitech Wingman Formula GP Steering Wheel
Hobbies/Interests -
Computers, computer games, tennis (excellent choice, my good man!), soccer, roller blading, basketball, Formula 1, Nascar, PPG Cart Series, GP500, TV, making tracks for MTM and 4x4 evo
Famous Quote - Back in April of last year when he was DMS_Fila, the long-time friend of our group who actually had a hand in forming this team, he had the following to say in response to the frequent truck swapping that was taking place by...well, almost everyone on the team:   My word guys.  I'm gonna kill you all. (except Larry [me], who isn't changing his truck almost everyday). You guys are changing your truck almost everyday. MY Word. My god. LOL    Hehe--ah yes, memories! Well said, Fila!
Sometime in 98 - I bought it because I loved MTM1 and monster trucks.  In 99 I began to play online.  In the span of 3 minutes he'll send me 15 Zone messages, asking every question there is, but here he doesn't say jack.  Little punk!

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick
Hobbies/Interests - I like to SCUBA dive, go to the gym, watch local bands at the Historic Blue Star, and read books by Dr. Seuss. (Hmm...not going to touch the Dr. Seuss thing. Let the guy read what he wants to read for crying out loud!)
Famous Quote - "I want to believe"  Well, I'm not quite sure what he's referring to, but as far as MTM-2 goes, if THE FLASH doesn't "believe"he can win...he most assuredly "knows"he can run you into the side of a rock (a big rock)--then he doesn't have to "believe"anymore!
Around Mar 2000 - I started playing this game because it seemed "neat."  LOL  I don't know, N8 looked like he was having a lot of fun, so I followed suit.

Controller - Compaq Keyboard The brand name is supposed to impress us I guess.  Newsflash: it's still a "keyboard".  Get a real controller if you want to stay on this team, Jr.
Hobbies/Interests - Listening to 1880s music with Kathy the dingbat, playing my one string guitar & drums (he's almost as good as his neighbor, little Tommy), MotoGP, playing soccer/rugby, and racing on the Zone with SLOs.  People with keyboards don't actually race; they go moderately fast for about 25 meters...then crash. 
Famous Quote:   -Nil- That's not much of a famous quote, is it?  Let's see if I can help the poor sap out a little:

It's a darn good quote, but it's pretty tame coming from me, isn't it?   See, sometimes my conscious starts to bother me, so I kinda ease up just a little lol.

99 - I was browsing through games in a store looking for something to play.  I chose MTM 2 because the sales clerk said the pc versioin of "Barbie Ulitmate Dress-up" had sold out.  I played MTM 2 offline until I got connected to the internet for the first time, then subsequently discovered the Zone.  Only problem is I still have trouble figuring out where to go because like my good friends, NIRc_uLtRaMaX, RAZ, SCAT, and BRO_USA, I'm about 3 sandwiches short of a full picnic basket...if you know what I mean. I stopped playing soon afterwards due to a shortage of free time (that's what people who always lose say) but picked it up again during the mid-part of 2004. He still loses, but he's got more time to do it now.

Controller - Logtech Momo Force Leaving out "Feedback", makes it sounds really macho, virile even.  Course, his picture suggests several things . . . but macho/virile???
Hobbies/Interests - Fishing, then frying what I caught using my  Geritol, Ex-Lax, Polident, Viagra,  recipe; the one the boys down at the nursing home keep begging me for, MTM2, fishing in my outhouse to save on gas money by not driving to the lake, Nascar Racing, but I've never completed a race 'cuz I have to run to the toilet every 15 $#@!&* minutes, oh, did I say Fishing? Guess whose picture is beside the word senility?
Famous Quote - Don't follow me--I'm lost, too! Yeah, but you're vitamin-fortified, extremely regular, your dentures are squeaky-clean, and thanks to Viagra, you're uh . . . happy in that special way.


It was Ghost's "team first" attitude that drew our attention, which he demonstrates here:


This is just pure bs lol:

I bought a Microsoft Sidewinder wheel and a NASCAR game, and for some reason there was a MTM 2 game in with wheel, which reminds me of when I was a kid, me and my friend, Trogg shot down this huge Pterodactyl with our slingshots behind his cave.   As we were skinning and gutting it (his mom made a mean Pterodactyl stew), Trogg jokingly said . . . oh wait, I'm sorry; I kind of got off-topic.  Anyway, that's when I thought to myself, "man, this game must suck if they're giving it away."  Seems I play it now more then NASCAR.  I must be getting old.  

Controller - NASCAR Pro Digital 2 Racing Wheel w/Foot Pedals & Shifter It's the only thing about him I like.
Hobbies/Interests - Drag Racing, playing MTM 2, and freshwater aquariums. He asked if he should leave off knitting, playing with dead bugs, and watching paint dry, and I said, "hey, that's up to you, fella".
Famous Quote - If you can't play with the big dogs, then stay on the damn porch. Guys with hobbies like he has shouldn't have quotes like that. 
Oct 99 - I was introduced to the game by several friends who bought MTM 2 and suggested I try it out so we could all play online. Is that good enough, or do I need to make it more exciting?  It amazes me what I get sometimes when I ask these guys/girls to give me "detailed" info with respect to how they got started in the game.  This is what I got from GT the first time around: "I started playing in Oct of 99".  And people wonder why I dislike so many of my teammates.  

Controller - Sidewinder Precision Pro 2 (LOVE it!)   
Hobbies/Interests - MTM2, MTM2,MTM2, computers, watching & playing basketball, music, web design, PSX, collecting NBA cards, Laser Sport - think thats it hehe   No my man, that's not it.  Where do the girls come in?  What about all the women?  A guy your age is supposed to start out with "Girls, girls, girls!"  Not some freakin truck game - sheesh!
Famous Quote - Hehe--they're like little vultures, feeding off of you, you know?  Chipping away at your resolve, your will to even want to...breathe.  Suffice to say I've faltered just a tad where it concerns upkeep of some of the finer details on this page.  Gutless seemed to take umbrage with my taking time off to race and enjoy myself - complained about not having a quote.  Well you misbegotten, 4 brain-celled (by his own admission...sorta), waste of human tissue - here's your stinkin'quote!


Dec 97 - Well, my Dad decided to buy a PC & he got to choose 3 free games, so we went over & looked at all the games they had.  I found a monster truck game & lo & behold it was MTM 1. I thought, "this looks pretty cool", so I said what about this one?  So we got it & then I started playing & went nuts! (Hehe--you were probably already there, pal)  Then MTM 2 came out.  Of course, I had to buy it....played that for about a year or so & then got out of it.  But 3+ years down the track JM (Justmight) asked if I would join them in the Zone for a reunion & I said can't; this old PC won't run games anymore, gets overheated.  I told him to wait until I got my new PC since I was buying one for myself.  When I got it I went back to the Zone & was surprised that MTM2 was still so popular. So ya, I've been back with MTM2 for about 4 months now. This guy writes a lot, doesn't he?  Remind you of anyone?  Hehehe.  You'll do fine here bud--just stick with me!

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Pro JoystickAnother lousy stick guy, huh?
Hobbies/Interests -
Wind surfing, camping, hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling...oh, and racing online with you all!  Noticed how he sucks up in that last line there.  It's ok Shoe - you're already on the team, bud. Hahaha
Famous Quote - I'm not persistent; I'm just too stupid to quit! Sounds like everyone else around here 'cept me & my girl Smiles, of course.   Shoe will fit in with this bunch just fine - look:  

Summer of 2000 - I started racing & rumbling more when I got cable.  Prior to that I was on dial-up, and it was too much of a pain to be fun.  I raced quite a bit with my friend OLD_as_Mud on a home network. Well Shoe, here on SLO you'll find that I'm your only "real" friend.  Try to distance yourself from the likes of Gutless, The tennis shoe wannabe, Chump, Jr., ShaGGy, Crusty, Dyper, and several others; they are NOT good role models.  I only play with them because they owe me money, and I'm still trying to collect.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro JoystickBig whoop.
Hobbies/Interests - Movies (Pokemon - The Movie, The Fox and the Hound, Scooby-Doo Zombie Island, and all the great ones), music (Old McDonald Had A Farm, Little Bo Peep, This Old Man, Mary Had a Little Lamb, you know - the classics), collecting law enforcement insignia (says he can't read what's on 'em, but the colors are sure pretty), computers, and MTM 2.
Famous Quote - "Shut up and sit down" You know, that's not bad.  But if he added the words "you miserable scuz-bag" at the end, it would be a perfect quote lol.
I downloaded the trial version in Oct 2000, got the full version in Dec 2000 (so played Farm Road 29 for 3 months?), and got on
the zone in Jan 2001. I've been mostly rumbling, and occasionally racing, since then. 
Actually this is what ICDOAN originally sent me:  Since I started playing on the Zone I've rumbled mostly, but not so much anymore because the bad girls that play this game call me names, push me down, and take all of my knitting and crochet stuff.  Oh, and those two mean ladies with the hairy backs and tattoos on their forearms (it's gotta be Christy & nLuVnIt) kicked me once!  Now I race more even though I really suck at it.  All the guys tease me cuz I can't drive 5-ft without hitting something, and I'm still having a lot of trouble with park & neutral.  COPE says if I keep at it, in 2-years I'll be incredibly average, just like HotShoe, MUDDD, & JDAK. 

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick
Hobbies/Interests - Snowboarding, surfing, fishing, huuuuge fan of NHRA Drag Racing Funny Car driver John Force, S.F. 49ers & L.A. Rams
Famous Quote - Response after learning the team  participated in rumbles:  Did I miss something!!  Oh man, we're rumbling now??!! Say it's not so!  I talk so much $%#@ to rumblers (mainly 'cause I'm no good at it and it's boring), and now they're on my team? When did this happen?  Come back to me guys!!  Use the force, don't fall prey to the dark side!
Around May or June 98 - I began playing on the Zone from Germany a few months after being introduced to the game.

Controller - Wingman Interceptor
Hobbies/Interests - Skydiving, MTM-2
Famous Quote - Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.  Profound, very profound in fact, but keep in mind this is the same guy who said,It's getting cold here, so make sure NANOO knows you want the picture taken in just a T-Shirt. Yeah, kinda  ruins the image of the calm, very composed, knowledgeable and wise person he wants people to think he is.  I know better! 
Oct 99 - I was introduced to MTM-2 by my brother, NFM_Gpla, and immediately started with add-on tracks. I'm fortunate to have met N8, who suggested I check out TEAM SLO and their membership requirements.  Since becoming a member this game has become so much more than just a way to kill time.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel 
Hobbies/Interests - In addition to climbing trees and wrestling pigs, I like fishing, camping, reading poetry people write in the stalls of public restrooms, 1880's music, hanging out with my MTM 2 friends and the ones locked up at the  local zoo.    
Famous Quote -  Well crap, just go ahead & lap me then!!  The insertion of a tiny little "s" in front of "lap" really changes the meaning (and fun factor) of that quote, doesn't it? Here are a few of my favorite "301" pics lol.


I got started with MTM2 because of my son I think...hell, I can't remember. She's such a lady, isn't she?  But, I do recall the first person I met! You guessed it - Cope, of all the luck. LOL J/K. Yay.  Yippy.  Hoorah.  No one cares, Kathy.  That was over 4 years ago, and I can still tolerate him. Imagine that! NAH, he is Awesome. True...true, and did you notice the uppercase "A" in Awesome?  I thank You for everything Cope.  No need - welcome aboard, girlfriend! J

Controller - It looks like a steering wheel with only 2 pedals (no clutch, odd).  It's red with the letters "MOMO" & "Logitech" on it.  I don't know much more about it.Yeah sure, whatever (weirdo).
Hobbies/Interests - Motorcycle touring & camping, blues guitar (I have a nice Parker Fly if that means anything to you it doesn't - keep going), MTM 2, skiing., 
Famous Quote - "I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult."  Rita Rudner  Hehe well, I never liked Rita, but that's beside the point.  Here's an exclusive for ya:  a picture of Knuck right after learning he made the team.  LOL check out the little strands of hair standing tall at the top of his head.  Man 'o man!


I was riding my motorcycle too fast much of the time (probably got it all the way up to 50 mph - whew, sssmokin!), and I thought "I gotta slow (drop the "w" off  of "slow" and it's almost...prophetic) down, maybe channel this energy into something less dangerous" (splendid--another wimp on the team). So I bought "Need for Speed", only to discover I couldn't control the cars with my keyboard (duh) except for one track.  So I bought a Microsoft wheel, & included in the box was the cd for MTM-2 & CART Racing.  CART was very realistic, but even with a wheel I couldn't control the cars very well (yeah, that's called "sucking").  MTM 2 wasn't very realistic, and I couldn't control the trucks any better than the CART cars (double sucking), but the crashes were a lot more fun (Yeah, that's what BRO said when we visited him at the hospital).  I got online one day, and OLD_Wildman (rest his soul) invited me to join the OLD team.  From there I found myself hanging out with SLO, and the rest is history.  Well done, Knuck.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get back to watching the grass grow.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Pro (Yep, another stick man lol) No, just another freak-weirdo-loser.
Hobbies/Interests - Racing MTM 2 of course (of course), windsurfing, aquariums, building/repairing computers, hunting, 4-wheeling, music, and camping.
Famous Quote - Not sure how famous it is or who said it, but it is:  "He who dies with the most toys wins".   I assure you, no one worth remembering said it, but hey if you like it, that's all that matters.  At least until I catch you on "Cope's Candid Camera"! 
Oct 99 - I started out racing against my kids on our home network, and then against Les, aka SLO_HotShoe.  He obviously knew an easy target when he saw one lol. I was messing around one afternoon and kind of accidentally got on the Zone (How in the world do you "accidentally get on the Zone?") and started racing there.  I had a lot of fun (beating up on losers like HotShoe, no doubt) that afternoon.  Later that week I was over Les's and told him about it and we've been racing ever since.  I guess that was sometime in 2000.  Time flies when you're having fun.  It also flies when you're beating up on losers like HotShoe, but you already know that.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick
Hobbies/Interests -
Anything mechanical oriented, but I do work on cars a lot (any of em still run?), computers, off-roading....and SLO, SLO, SLO!
Famous Quote - "You know, through my teenage years I always said to myself if everyone were exactly like me, this world would be a helluva lot better off!." Me thinks our "SuperStar" needs a hefty dose of Ex-Lax. That should fix him up...clean him out a little.  Still he managed to come up with a quote that I consider one of my all-time favorites:

Sept 99 - The game came with my new video card, and soon afterwards I sort of "stumbled" my way into the Zone.

Controller - Basic PC Racing Wheel with foot pedals
Hobbies/Interests -
Golf, hockey, ATVs, watching tv (lol) & of course, playing MTM2. 
Famous Quote - Although he's one of THE most talented racers on SLO, his humor, like his driving, is sometimes...kinda sick.  Take a look: Well, glad to see you back on the team, bud.  Only problem is, I voted "nay"  LMAO--j/k That was his response to a former member rejoining the team.  All I can say is I hope I'm never in need of a little compassion from this nut.  Hehehe
Oct 99 - I started playing in the Zone a few days after I got the game with guys like Slartibartfastt, KC Vales, SRT_World, SHO_RunYa, and JDAK (prior to SLO).

Controller - Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D joy stick 
Hobbies/Interests -
Music, movies, pc and console games, anything antique including my husband (hehe-nice shot), watching supercross and boxing with my husband.  I thank God he doesn't watch football! Boxing with RAZ? That's a tad different.  Don't find too many husband/wife combo's that duke it out...with gloves, I mean.
Famous Quote - Whatever women do, they must do it twice as well as men to be thought half as good.  Luckily this is not difficult.  Ok now she's done it!  One more crack like that and I'm going to punch ObeOne right in the mouth!!  Hehe--I'm not hitting her; she's a boxer!!
Late fall of 1999 - played off and on over an eight month period on a friends pc until they moved away during the summer of 2000. Picked it back up in Feb 2001.  Played a couple of times and couldn't really get back into it until I met Cope and his friends online sometime in May. I had so much fun. Thank you Cope and friends. It was really nice to not be called names or booted/locked out of games just for being female and winning some. Glad I played hooky that day from work or I may have missed the opportunity to meet all of you. Oh dang, now she's gone and made me get all misty!  I'm not used to nice feedback...especially from teammates.  Vickie, you're going to do well on this team (maybe)

Controller - Logitech Wingman Extreme
Hobbies/Interests -
Going to the races, hunting, fishing, and this game!
Famous Quote - Drive it like you stole it!  Yeah, macho talk, big-time rumbler, real-life racer...big freakin sissy!  I'm tellin you, he is!!  Check out the pics below.  She (Christy) left him a list of crap to do around the house, and I was trying to talk him out of it - get him to just play & have fun.  Nope, didn't work.  Can you say, "spineless toad?"  Hehehe


May 00 - Skunky, an online friend told me about it, so I tracked it down, and purchased it so I could play with him on the internet. Skunky?  I'm hopin that's a Zone name

Controller - Logitech G25 Force Feedback Wheel
Hobbies/Interests - I'm a student at North Carolina State University (NCSU), and when I'm not online, Im either playing B-Ball, drag racin on the highway (Hehe--I hope you fair better out there than you do on MTM-2 tracks), club'n with my bros, and ya . . . I study too, gotta have an ejumakashun, hehe "Ejumakashun", huh?  Where do we dig these guys up from?  We used to get intelligent people like SCAT and...ok well we at least we used to get people with common sense!
Famous Quote - "Dont hate the Playa, hate the Game, cuz when it comes to Mackn, we all the same" Attends NCSU...and that's your quote?  I'm sure Mom & Dad just beam with pride when they see you, huh?  Well spent money there-for sure!
I began getting involved with online gaming around 2 years ago.  MTM-2 is among a long list of multiplayer games I play (for instance NFS IV, StarCraft BR, TFC, and Diablo II).  Paul (a.k.a EBK_DiGiTaL_sK) was the one who got me hooked on MTM-2.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel You know, I liked Obe from jump street.  Couldn't put my finger on why at the time, but now I know; he's a wheel guy!  A tad pushy, a touch impatient...but so what-he uses a wheel!
Hobbies/Interests - Playing racing games, web design, computer graphics, table tennis, etc. What--no girls? man, you've learned early to stay away from those people.  They twist your mind, Obe...make you do weird stuff. 
Famous Quote - Fix me up ;-)  whatever you think my famous quote is, go ahead and post it. Oh yeah, you better believe it's whatever I think it is, "home cheese".  Kinda expected more than just "fix me up" from a smart guy like you, Obe.  Don't sweat it; I'll take care of ya (weasel)!
Apr 96 - started playing when MTM 1 first came out.  I never played it online, or did any editing, but I downloaded the tracks and loved the game.  Then MTM 2 came out and it was even better.  I wanted to see what the rumbles were like, so I played it on the zone.  I was hooked.  I've been playing online and making tracks ever since.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Pro Force Feedback
Hobbies/Interests -  I enjoy writing, photography, digital photo restoration, maintaining the family website, ( & almost anything to do with computers.  Recently I started making electronic albums of hundreds of family photos.  So are over 100 years old & require extensive restoration.  I find a lot of satisfaction in preserving these bits of family history and making them available to siblings, children grandchildren, nieces & nephews.  A word to you younger folks; don't wait 'til your in your late 50's to start preserving & oganizing your family history. Obviously the phrase "follow  suite" means nothing to PaPa lol.  Look at some of the other team member replies for Hobbies/Interest, then compare em to this one.  And you guys thought I talked a lot.  Ha!
Famous Quote - I recently came across a great quote from Wayne Gretsky (former hockey player extraordinaire):  "100% of the shots you don't take don't go in."  Would serve all of us well to remember that.

Far be it for me to tamper with such profound commentary, so I won't.  Instead I'll give you  a glimpse of PaPa's nobility & wisdom.  The following are excerpts from mail correspondence between he and I: condensed ex 

COPE - "...if you don't mind, I'd like to create a "Track List Settings" and use your work. Your page is much more efficient than ours..."

PaPa- Thanks Cope, and of course, you can use anything I stole from you LOL.

LOL that's our PaPa!


December 2001 - For Christmas my son bought NASCAR 2001 for me.  The first thing I realized was there was no way I could play the game with a cheap joystick (those are for girls...and sissy's).  So I went to Best Buy & purchased a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback (yeah...yeah, you go PaPa!), only to learn that the wheel didn't help me much with the game.  Fortunately MTM 2 was included on the CD, so I loaded it up and tried it out.  I was hooked almost immediately (that's how we all got here).  This was fun!   NASCAR Legends was too much like work (like talking to RAZ or Demi).  Too much thinking (unlike RAZ or Demi) & adjusting...stuff that I know nothing about.  


I soon figured out how to get on the Zone, at which time I found a bunch of OLD guys (like myself) & started running with them.  They are good folks and were a lot of help.  In particular, OLD_HotShoe was the most patient (he was probably sleeping or just ignoring you) and spent many hours showing me things about the game.  I owe him a special thanks (send him a tree, he loves trees).  Now it's my distinct pleasure to be part of a great team of SLO folks.  What a pleasure to find people who just want to have a good time.  Competitive as all get out to be sure (we cheat), but to whom decency and a sense of fair play (we only cheat on Wed & Sat) are first and foremost.  Winning is icing on the cake of camaraderie.  Like I told Shoe - you can go easy on the sucking up now; you're on the team, pal.  LOL  

Controller - Rumbling: Sidewinder Gamepad Racing: Sidewinder Precision Pro 2  Well, aren't we special!


Hobbies/Interests - More to  come . . . 



Famous Quote -


Controller - Rumbling: Sidewinder Gamepad Racing: Sidewinder Precision Pro 2  Well, aren't we special!
Hobbies/Interests - MTM2, sleeping (Sleeping?  Teenagers aren't what they used to be), computers, playing basketball, PSX, music, Laser Sport  Again, note the absence of girls in his repertoire of hobbies/interest.  In this case though that's not such a bad thing.  No need to rush in at an early age and get corrupted by..."them".  They'll catch up with him, right N8?  Hehehe  
Famous Quote - Jr. (that's what I call him, little punk) here has been buggin me about this part of his profile.  Well, now I'm ready, & actually I had something different to put in here til yesterday.  I like to think I'm a  well respected guy around the Zone, but Preach, whom I brought into this team, unveiled something that literally floored me.  Take a look:  

Dec 97 - Well, I didn't used too play much back in 97, but I did sometimes.  I never rumbled back then but now I do, haha!  Also, I started playing again about 4 months ago (see GB's info; hehe, I cant be bothered typing all that!  What do you mean you can't be bothered typing all of that?  What else have you got to do?  You're a teenager for crying out loud; you've got nothing but time! Weasel!! (Kid's been on the team for five days and already he's starting to bother me. 

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel
Hobbies/Interests - Hot cars,  hot women...ow Vickie! (SLO_nLuVnIt), motocross bikes, guitars, pc's and stereo equipment.  Also love watching drag racing, supercross, boxing, hot ...umm..not saying it this time, and refinishing cars, cycles, and guitars.  I especially like listening to mellow country music to keep me in that peaceful zone, and playing MTM-2.  It really is an excellent stress reliever. Yeah, uh-huh...whatever.
Famous Quote - Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."   Ouch, so true! Been there, done that. lol, still there. He's absolutely right; I've raced with him often, and he gets run over a lot.
March 16, 2001 - after installing a V3 steering wheel on the kids pc (the only Windows pc at  the time, now almost all of ours dual boot Win/Linux), I decided to try a few racing games to test the wheel  settings.  I ran across MTM-2 which my kids installed a month earlier, and I was totally hooked; couldn't  get enough of it.  Played straight thru from around 8pm (went online about 9pm after the kids showed me  how) until almost 6pm the next day. Not bad for a guy who thought he didn't like games.  Suffered my first  defeat in rumbling when I "ran into" (hehe) Gutterboy (he was your first loss?  Hehe--musta been playing 5-yr olds before) in the early AM hours (we played a lot), but had even more fun learning from him. My interest in MTM-2 was heightened in May when I started racing, thanks to the encouragement of SLO Bro's Gutterboy, Preacher and also ZOcc_BulletBert.  The camaraderie and fun  provided by the other "SLO"sters" (sorry about crashin' y'all - not intentional, really. snicker snicker, lol) brought this game to a whole new level. Now I'm totally addicted to racing!  I ask for a profile...and he tells me his life story 

Controller - Keyboard
Hobbies/Interests -
All types of models (except for boats...I think he's afraid of water), MTM-2, working on engines, drag racing, and farming.
Famous Quote -
- I Fear No Beer!!!
- Gimme a REBEL YELL!!!
- If It Looks Good, You'll See It
- If It Sounds Good, You'll Hear It
- If It'S Marketed Right, You'll Buy It
- But...If It's Real, You'll Feel It!

That's all I think, Larry...but if you need anymore just let me know.  No...I think that'll do it, Reb. Thanks for offering to send more...stuff. Geez, I ask for one freakin quote and this guy regurgitates every line he's heard on TV the last five years!

Feb 00 - Got a copy of the game at the mall in the video game store and fell in love with it.

Controller - Five-year-old Logitech Wingman that has had to be fixed about a dozen times. (really hate it when the springs break mid-race).
Hobbies/Interests - In the MTM2 community it was building tracks. Now I "script" for an emulator of the game called Ultima Online. It's a lot like track building, but scripting is done in programming language instead of 3D modules and textures.
Famous Quote - Sorry none that I can think of that are appropriate... No problemo - I'll help ya out lol.  I really intended to leave his profile untouched in order to maintain its "purity", but he's forced my hand now lol.  I beta tested several tracks he made, & what I remember most is him asking, "Hey Cope, what do you think about xxx--any ideas on what I should do?"  I was new to beta testing back then, but still, I thought my suggestions were reasonable most of the time, so I'd share them.  I kid you not, 8 times out of 10 he'd go, "Ah yeah, I see.  Nope, I don't like that; I think I'll leave it as is.  Thanks for the help, man" lmao.

History - Bought the game in like '97 or '98 and started playing on the Zone as soon as I found out I could play there. Then a couple months later I started self teaching myself how to build tracks. Shortly after that I started creating the tracks that are still run today. Then just before I left the Zone I created what I consider one of my greatest tracks for SLO:  SLO_Burn is the name, and from what I hear it is still run on a regular basis...... Thanks guys for keeping my tracks alive.  .                                     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Actually we'd like to thank you, REO.  You've been associated with SLO for nearly as long as we've been in existence, and even though you moved on to explore new things some time ago, several of your tracks remained as favorites on our racing lists.  We wanted to pay tribute to you for your outstanding dedication to the  MTM 2 community, but mostly for your uncompromising friendship to our team by making you an honorary member of SLO.  Thanks for everything, bud, & by all means drop in to say hi from time-to-time.  Oh, nice pet dragon ya got there lol.  Take care, REO!

Controller - Sidewinder Standard
Hobbies/Interests -
Classic Rock, auto racing (live or t.v.), MTM-2, SLO
Famous Quote - His response when I issued an ultimatum that either we vote SLO_Vyper (my wife, incidentally) off the team, or I leave:  Well Larry...see ya!  Loyalty at it's best. 
May 95- A friend introduced me to MTM-1. I got MTM-2 in Aug 98 until another friend told me about the Zone and all the add-on tracks/trucks out on the internet.

Controller - An apart falling (is this English?) At 5 years of age...close enough Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel, made in Malaysia 
Hobbies/Interests -
Mostly going out on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays (dressed as he is now), watching movies, doing some translation work for a project called Gentoo Linux (Mandatory for all preschoolers) and between all of that, counting sheep and/or playing MTM2 when I should study.  Sounds like a man...rather, a little tike with his priorities in order.  Never tried that sheep thing, but to each his own (weirdo).
Famous Quote - Well l don't really have a famous 'quote' or so, unless you mean a 'motto' (Sure, whatever kid).  My motto has been 'To much is never enough', but I'm thinking of switching to 'Try to relax and enjoy the crisis' -- Ashleigh Brilliant  Uh huh, and judging by your picture, I'm sure you've seen quite a few crisis'.
I saw a trailer of MTM 1 on the Windows 95 cd that came with my computer a long time ago (
likes stating the obvious)I got a copy of this game and was addicted right awayI later got a copy of MTM 2, played it online some, but later developed router problems, and was unable to connect to the Zone.  Years later (It was actually more like 4 days) I managed to solve the problem (connected router into an ac outlet) and got addicted again to the great add-on tracks and rumbles that are around these days.

Controller - Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Racing Wheel w/Foot Pedals (& training wheels)
Hobbies/Interests - I like to play bass in a band that doesn't exactly have a name yet (novel concept there), and go to local shows to watch other bands play.  I work at a skate shop (it have a name, or are you working on that too?) sometimes, and that's kinda cool...and I love my boyfriend, Chris Thomas!!!
Famous Quote - That's up to you, Cope - do your worst!   Well of course, my dear.  Would you expect anything less?  My nickname for SHIMMER is "Princess", but most days she's anything but!  Check this out:


SLO_COPEY_COPE>  it's what I do best

SLO_COPEY_COPE>  well, one of 200 things

SLO_SHIMMER>  ya theres ...... sit, eat, sleep, sit, eat, sleep, etc., etc.

SLO_COPEY_COPE> hahahaha

Dec 98- My friend had MTM-1, and it was cool, so when I got a new computer for Christmas that year, I wanted a game to put on it.  I saw MTM-2, looked on the back and saw the pretty pictures and decided to buy it.

Controller - NASCAR PRO Digital Racing Wheel w/Foot Pedals & Stick Shift
Hobbies/Interests -
Big vehicles, auto-mechanics, writing poetry & music, helping others (Don't waste your time trying to help your teammates; most are useless. Not going to mention names (GB, Preach, 3B, Christy, STOMP, N8, Flash, GT, NANOO... everyone, cept me,of course!  You'll see), public speaking, and most importantly...SMILING!!!!! 
Famous Quote - I don't have one!  Hehe--cept, "here i is", but that's not a good one. Well, you know what, Smiles...let's try this quote:

June 2001 - I am a young grasshopper still learning! My interest in the game was sparked when my cousin bought a trio of games for me to play.  Once I saw MTM 2, I melted after finding out what was in it! (Hehe--nice to see that kind of unbridled enthusiasm for the game.  Take notes, JDAK (you cheatin' slug); this is what we wanna see from you!).  He introduced me to the Zone that same week, which took this game one step beyond my imagination - to learn there were other people online with one interest: MTM 2!!! (Well, let's hope the millions of people who frequent the net do more than play this game.  I mean, I love it and all, but that would be taking it to an extreme, dontcha think, Hon?)  Now I'm a living, breathing auto & Monster Truck Madness 2 girl!!! Ok, so she's a tad what!

Controller - Gravis Blackhawk
Hobbies/Interests -
My favorite color is blue, turn-ons r........heehee J/K. Hobbies - MTM 2, hotrods, antiques & collectables, computers and I don't like the quote u got for me! Feel free to edit any of this as u see fit ok?  Nope--no editing, SS.  People need to see you in your "natural state".  Hehe
Famous Quote - I'm on the whatchacallit committee (what the hell do we call it again?) lol. So what I say go's! ***SS*** no longer serves on our Board of Directors' panel; he's now the team towel boy.
April 99 - OK, I was checking out MSN Gaming Zone and found the trial version download of MTM-2;got bored with it.  Then I found the full cd at Costco for $5.00, got bored with that. Then I entered the Zone and walaaa! I was home heeheehee (Sorry--should've warned ya he'd tell his whole friggin life story).

Controller - Microsoft Pro Racing Wheel w/pedals
Hobbies/Interests -
Online gaming, boating, hunting/fishing (to include bow fishing), riding my 4-wheeler (pretending to be famous "STOMPER" truck, hehe), sticking my tongue on old well pumps in the dead of winter (just joking, don't print this one). "Don't print this one", he says.  Hehe--he should know better than to send me stuff he doesn't want printed; that's what I live for! J
Famous Quote - I wonder just how much these women appreciate us guys, I mean, we're the ones who ultimately win anyway (sooner or later) Coincidentally, not 24hrs after he e-mailed this to the entire team, STOMP was nearly hit by a truck.  According to what he told the police, it was dark outside, but the truck was real big and seemed to have the letters "S.L.O." on the side. Hmmm...strange.
May 00 - My interest in MTM 2 was sparked by the simple drooling I've always done whenever I see the real monster trucks.  I've watched them on TNN ever since they hit the national scene. When they come near where I live, I'm there to hear the roar, see the wrecks, and have my eardrums blown out by the sound of those engines!  When a buddy of mine told me he saw a game bout monster trucks, I HAD to check it out!

Controller - Microsoft FF Racing Wheel w/pedals
Hobbies/Interests -
Online Racing & Monster Trucks.  Yes, I still save conversations, and it's a good thing because often time there's more to a person than people realize.  Having said that . . . MaX/COPE.  I normally don't boot new prospects from my room, but I just couldn't take it anymore lol.
Famous Quote - Those who are too weak to follow their dreams will always find ways to discourage others. Very insightful quote, MaX.  In fact, I agree with it completely.  Just don't come in any room I'm hosting spouting off about the future and all the useless ideas you have about this, that & the other.  Oh, and I also prohibit any discussion about family . . . especially children and pets.  
I bought MTM 1 when it came out in 1996, along with the Barbie Moon Goddess.  I raced offline all the time using a keyboard for all formats of the game. When MTM2 came out,  much to my surprise, so did Barbie Class of 1998!  After snagging that hot little number I also purchased a wheel, but continued to race offline. Just as I was getting bored with the game & that stupid Moon Goddess (her high-heels always fell off!), I stumbled across add-on tracks and trucks.  It immediately ignited my passion for the game again, however, I felt that it would be much more fun to share it & some candid shots of me and my two Barbie's with others.  It wasn't until the latter half of '99 that I finally made it online. I felt fairly confident I could be competitive and win because my lap times were a whole lot better than little Tommy's, the 4-year-old that lived down the street, but boy did I get schooled!!! I quickly became humbled, and started to focus on being a better racer.  It was at that point I decided to try out for an online team to hone my racing skills.  I landed a spot on VRX (Vitrual Racing Xtreme). From there I went over to the VR (Vitrual Rumblers, whose team name was later changed to "Vicious Runts") side of the team.  When they dwindled down to a few members, I decided it was time for something else. I went solo again for a while to clear my head, gain some perspective on what I wanted to pursue next, & also practice for the upcoming Betty Crocker Bake-off I entered.  While practicing for a racing tourney I was noticed by NIR (Nitro Injected Racers), and soon thereafter became a member of their team.  It was during my tenure on NIR that I started coming into my own as a racer, but suffice to say it came at a price; I lost my status as the best hopscotch player in the neighborhood to some 11-year-old named Kathy.  After a time simply wanted to have my own identity, not be a part of a team.  That's when I formed FFE (Fast Forward Enterprises).  It's the name of a business my father and I used to own selling racing parts, assorted baking utensils, refurbished Barbie Doll accessories, and chassis.  The one thing that remained a constant was my relationship with team SLO.  It seems fitting that I become part of the family to the team that gave me the inspiration to be a better racer (cuz they always beat me up, called me names, took my lunch money & threatened to show me some "new tricks" with my Barbie Class of 98 doll, and I got tired of it, LOL.  All I can say is thanks for everything, and everything that's to come!

Controller - Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro Racing Wheel w/Foot Pedals & Stick Shift
Hobbies/Interests -
Shopping (boy does she), interior decorating, reading, and MTM-2! 
Famous Quote - Her reaction to 3B's wife expression of interest in joining the team. This is super, another woman!  Life is getting good!!!  Just think of the hell we can raise now! Hmmm...I kinda thought she was raising quite a bit of it by herself!!  Crazy woman...but I love ya, Babe!
Aug 00 - I grew weary of being a "MTM-2 widow", so I decided that if I couldn't beat 'em...I'd join 'em!

Controller - Two rocks and a string
Hobbies/Interests -
Pulling wings off flies and eating them.
Famous Quote - I wanna be smart like my Dad, Jumper.  He can count all the way to 5.




History - I'm not old enough to have history because I'm just a little snot-nosed, punk-kid that sucks at racin.  It's "Park" that gives me the most trouble.  That's what COPE said, anyway.