The CNR format for MTM 2 was developed by a lady named “Krystal Ize".  Team LAPD was probably the biggest supporters of CNR, which should come as no surprise given their name.   Unfortunately, this style of play, for whatever reason, didn’t endure.  The rules were preserved on the LAPD site long after the team itself ceased to exist.  MTMG secured a copy of the rules before the LAPD team site closed its doors, and they’re now available for public display, but more importantly for historical purposes.   However, Road Reptile is credited with sustaining the format.  He diligently maintained all the CNR accessories (cop & robber cars/trucks, tracks, etc.) on his site (which is no longer active), as well as an edited version of the original rules over the past several years, so hats off to him.      

Regardless of its lack of popularity, here on Team SLO we’re simply enjoying a form of play that's obviously dated, but extremely exciting, always unpredictable, and fun for all skill-levels.  It can, however, be refined and developed in such a way that success is directly proportional to the quality of team work practiced by both cops and robbers.  

The following outlines how we play CNR.  It’s slightly different from the original rules, but in our opinion the subtle amendments serve only to add to the fun & excitement rather than detract from it.  

1.  Ideally a minimum of two robbers and four cops is desirable for game play, so if possible, try to adhere to a 2:1 ratio for cops and robbers.  It’s fairly difficult to “capture” a robber, and as such they have a decided advantage.  Maintaining a 2:1 ratio of cops to robbers pretty much levels the playing field.    

2.   Game play can be conducted on any track, however, tracks specifically designed for CNR offer the most fun in our opinion.  

a.    CNR tracks are set as rumbles, hence they’re timed.

b.   The terrain is fairly flat with wide-open lanes allowing for maximum maneuverability.  

3.   Starting a game.

a.   Transfer gear, tires and suspension.  For a combination of speed/quick acceleration from a dead stop and effective cornering, we suggest setting the transfer gear ratio to 1500 with medium or shallow tires (depending on the surface) and soft suspension. 

b.   Automatic shifting is also recommended.  Again, a mixture of speed & quickness are more useful in CNR than outright speed.  Moreover, automatic shifting is more efficient if reverse is needed.   

c.    The host selects a track and sets a time limit for the game.  It’s suggested that the time limit be set to 15 minutes.

d.   Players can use stock trucks or add-ons.  If stocks are used, cops will select one vehicle (i.e. Executioner), however, robbers can choose any vehicle (other than the one selected by the cops), and should ensure they each have a different make/model.  The reason for this is so that cops can easily discern who’s still in play and who’s not.  If add-ons are used, both sides have a variety of choices, and neither cops nor robbers are restricted to the same make and model.

e.   Boundary limits are determined.  The host decides whether or not players will stay within the city limits.   We recommend game play be confined to the city limits so that players don’t get too spread out.  Confining players to boundaries creates situations where cops and robbers sometimes converge in the same area, which adds to the excitement!  

4.   Once the game begins, cops seek out robbers and attempt a “capture”.  A capture can made in several ways:  

a.   The cop forces the robber's vehicle onto its side or cab roof, then makes contact before it flips back to an upright position.

b.   The robber inadvertently crashes, and a cop makes contact with his/her truck before it flips back to an upright position.

c.   The robber becomes trapped and is physically pinned in by cop cars without a means to escape.  

5.   If a robber is captured, he/she will park the vehicle and remain inactive for the remainder of the session.  If all robbers are captured prior to the end of the session, the cops are declared the winners.  If all the robbers are not captured when time expires, the robbers win. 

6.   Although not required, using a voice chat program (such as Team Speak) can improve game play.  You can actually talk to the people you’re playing with vs. trying to convey messages via the in-game chat feature.  Additionally, you can use separate channels for cops and robbers within the chat program so that cops can strategize with other cops and robbers can do the same without cross communication from the other group. 

That’s it–that’s all there is to CNR.  If you have questions/comments feel free to contact Team SLO.  We’ll either provide you with a prompt answer or direct you to the person who can assist you.



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