The instructions for this program are also available in .pdf format.  All photos have been integrated into the text for the purpose of accommodating those who prefer printed instructions vs. reading them on a monitor.  If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, refer to this link.

Podswap was created by CH_2005, and as its name implies, it facilitates changing or "swapping" between multiple pod.ini files.  The pod.ini file dictates what tracks/trucks (.pods) are loaded to the game.  This utility incorporates multiple pod.ini's (track lists) into a single text file, then mounts whichever one is selected.  Functionally it's comparable to MTM Starter minus quite a few of the bells & whistles.  It's an excellent track list swapping utility that's easy to install, very simple to use, and is quickly gaining popularity around the Zone.

AGetting Started

Download Podswap and extract it to your desktop. The program will find your MTM 2 directory regardless of where it's placed on the computer, but for the purpose of this tutorial extract it to your MTM 2 directory, then create a shortcut to it on your desktop.  Now double-click on the icon to open.  Below is a picture of what you should see.

The following is a breakdown of each section and its function:

- Current List (1): Displays the list currently mounted to the game.

- Search (2): You can locate a specific pod in any list by clicking the search button.  Type the pod name (not case sensitive) in the pop-up and click "OK".  If Podswap locates the pod, it highlights it as shown here.  If it fails to locate the pod file, it gives you a "Not found" pop-up.

- "All Systems Go" Indicator (3): A green light means your game hasn't exceeded the maximum number of pods (99).  If you inadvertently exceed the maximum number of pods, it changes to red.

- Find Missing Files (4): This feature allows you to verify the integrity of your lists. You'll either get a "No Missing Files" pop-up or an itemized list of exactly which pods are not available.  Bear in mind that if you add tracks individually by typing them in PODSwap, misspelling a track name will also yield a missing pod indication.

- Explore MTM (5): The Explore MTM 2 button is a direct link to your MTM 2 directory.  It's primary function is to allow the user to add tracks to a list by dragging  & dropping them into the List Browser as an alternative to typing.

- List Browser (6): This area displays the selected list based on what's available in the pull-down.  This section is used to make changes to specific lists by either typing in the name of the pod or dragging & dropping it into the open area.  You can also drag and drop entire pod.ini files into this area.

- Always Mount (7) Just as the name implies, this section is used for mounting specific tracks/trucks which will be loaded to the game regardless of what list is selected.  This section is ideal for utilities like Fixmore3a or merged truck pods. 

- Use This List (8) After selecting a desired list, pressing this button loads the tracks for that list to the game.  

- New (9) Used to create new lists.

- Rename (10) Used to rename lists.

- Delete (11) Used to delete lists.


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