PODSwap (cont)

BSetting Up Track Lists Using Podswap  


Download Fixmore4 & the track lists zips of your choosing (to include the corresponding pod.ini files) to your desktop.  Extract Fixmore3a and all track list zips to your MTM 2 directory.  The pod.ini zips will be handled one at a time.

Using the pull-down in the List Browser area, select the list named Imported Old POD.INI.  Click "Use this list".  Now extract one of the pod.ini files to your desktop, then drag and drop it into the List Browser area.    Click "Rename" and create a new name for your list. 

Verify its integrity by clicking the "Find Missing Files" button.  If everything is intact, the program will give you a No files missing pop-up.  If not, a pop-up detailing exactly which pod(s) were not found in the directory will be displayed.  Pop-ups of this kind can result from typographical errors, but more often than not the pod is actually missing from the game's directory.

To add additional lists, begin by clicking "New".  In the pull-down list box you'll see New - Copy of XXXX.  Now extract the pod.ini for the new list to your desktop, drag & drop it into the List Browser area, then click "Rename", and name it accordingly.  Again, verify that the list has no missing pods by clicking "Find Missing Files".  Repeat for all remaining track lists.

After all lists have been installed, select one to play, then click "Use This List", and you're ready to go.  You can leave the PodSwap window open or close it.  

CCommand Line Swapping - Command line swapping allows you to swap lists with one (or two) clicks of your mouse button.  It's not necessary to enable this feature since the program (PODSwap) allows you to effectively swap lists, but if you're partial to hassle-free list swapping this is indeed the way to go!

 Make a new shortcut on your desktop using the one that's already there.  Right-click on the icon and rename the new shortcut to correspond to the list it's intended for (i.e. Adoob, APL, J-C, etc.)

Now right-click on the newly named icon and select Properties. In the "Target" box you'll see a command line for that icon.

Click your mouse once in the target box area to clear the blue highlight.  Now place your cursor at the end the command line, just to the right side of the quotation mark, press the spacebar once, then type the name of the track list you want the command line to point to.  Example.  

NOTE:  The command line is case sensitive.  Be sure to type the track list name exactly the way you did in PODSwap when you were setting up the track lists.  Example.

Repeat the aforementioned steps for the remaining track lists.  When done, place the icons in a location that allows for quick, easy access, such as your quick-launch bar like so.  Another method that works well is shown here.  For instructions on how to use toolbars and taskbars, SLO_PaPa has an easy-to-follow procedure on his site

When placed in the quick-launch bar, pressing a PODSwap icon once with your mouse button gives you a List Switched to XXX.  The pop-up merely confirms what list you selected.  The swapping action takes place as soon as you press the icon, so you can click "OK", "Cancel", or just leave the pop-up in place.  

DAdding/Deleting Individual Tracks/Trucks

To add individual tracks or trucks to the game, open PODSwap, locate the list you want to edit, then press "Use This List".  

Now move your cursor to the last track in that list, press Enter on your keyboard to create another line, then type in the name of the pod.  If you want to add multiple tracks, simply press enter after you complete a pod name to create a new line, then type in the another pod name, repeating the process as many times as needed.  When done, press "Use This List", then press "Yes" to complete the step when prompted to save or discard your changes.  Close PODSwap.

Alternate method of adding individual tracks: after selecting the list you wish to edit and pressing "Use This List", press the "Explore" button, which opens your MTM 2 directory.  Now locate the pod file you wish to add to the list, then drag and drop it in the List Browser area.  When done, press "Use This List", then press "Yes" to complete the step when prompted to save or discard your changes.  Close PODSwap.   

To remove individual tracks or trucks from the game, open PODSwap, locate the list you want to edit, then press "Use This List".  

Locate the track you want to remove, highlight it using your mouse (or keyboard), then press delete.  If deleting a track/truck leaves a space in the list, close it by pressing the delete key, then press "Use This List".  Once again you'll be prompted to save or discard your changes.  Press "Yes" to complete the step, then close PODSwap.

That's it--that's all there is to PODSwap.  If you follow the directions verbatim, you shouldn't have any trouble with the installation.  If you do, however, feel free to drop us a line. Wink