- General Info  posted by COPE Feb 25, 04

It's only been two weeks since I posted anything here, yet it feels more like a month lol.  This time around I'll just run down a few things quick-like, which will put me back on track to make updates as info rolls in.  Here we go:


Two well-known ambassadors of the game were sighted recently at MTMG and KC's: S p r e k e r  & SpiderS p r e k e r has mentioned re-engaging, but as far as I know Spider simply dropped by for a "Hello - how are ya"!  We'll see what develops.


Fixmore-3 is out!  I could easily regurgitate all the new changes and what's been discussed over at MTMG, but I figure it's easier just to do this.


Team SLO sponsors three distinctly different functions: 


   1. Race tourneys (hosted by SLO_ALL2much_). 

   2. Informal rumble events using our HBC list.

   3. Informal racing events called, "The Fast Lane". 


Our intent is to offer something for everyone, so by all means join in on the fun!  


Finally, SLO_nOct3rn4l (our resident phonics expert...as you can tell by the name lol), has expanded our Team Speak voice chat area to include a "Help Forum".  The goal is to provide a means for administering or obtaining help with technical difficulties using a voice medium as opposed to text.  It's still in the developmental phase, but we're close to finalizing the deal - more to come!

- New Track & New Track Maker  posted by COPE Feb 11, 04

Yesterday Malibu350 tipped me off about a track by an unknown who goes by the name "Derz".  His track is called "Wilderness", & if I may borrow Mal's words, at least until I have time to get more of an in-depth look and come up with some words of my own for the review, "this thing is massive, easily the most extensively developed terrain this game has ever seen on a single track."  It's definitely a "must see" piece of work.  Yep, it's got a few novice-like blemishes, but I'm telling you, this is one very impressive track, so by all means treat yourself to something special and download it now! 

- X-Raid Tourney Version  posted by COPE Feb 10, 04

Shortly after "X-Raid" was released quite a few major shortcuts were found, prompting OLD_mumhra to release a "tourney version".  Both versions are available at MTMG, however, our page only has the tourney version

- Cr@$hC@rt's New Track Release!  posted by COPE Feb 8, 04

His new track is entitled "World Grand Prix 2 - Silverton Raceway" and it definitely fits into the "highly recommended" category.  I know I've used this line before, but if you don't like this track, maybe knitting or Bingo! is more your speed.  It's a short, curvy little circuit with an asphalt racing surface, wide racing lanes, & several subtle elevation changes that's sure to keep you on edge.   


Cr@$h is a guy we've watched grow up over at MTMG, and it's nice to see him producing quality work instead of the assembly line tracks he used to crank out by the dozen it seems like lol.  Great job, Cr@$h, and don't be surprised if this one winds up on our upcoming APL update! 

- Ultra Login 1.32 Released  posted by COPE Feb 7, 04

As promised (even though he took his time about it lol) ATW_Vipa_ released a new and improved version of Ultra Login.  It's cleaner, meaner, and faster than ever before (I watch a lot of commercials lol), so get it now!  If you're so inclined, you can tell him what you think of his program right here.  I'm sure he'd appreciate the feedback.


Thanks a bunch, Vipa_!!  Man, I love this little program.  In less than 8 seconds I can be in the Zone, ready to launch a game with nLuVnIt and Christy - my two favorite rumble-ettes.  I prefer doing rumbles with ponds or rivers in them, that way I can hold their heads underwater til the bubbles just about stop, yank 'em up for a few secs, then plunge em back down in the water again lol.  It's more fun than it sounds; guess you just have to try it.  At any rate, thanks again, bud! 

- The Return of "Nrrivas!!!"  posted by COPE Feb 5, 04

From the guy who brought us such classics as "KOM's Suicide MX", "Heights of Mérida", "Cayo Barrocho" "The Hills of San Juan" and more, he's back with a new track after a rather extensive layoff.  It's called "La Julia" - a short circuit with all the classic Nrrivas touches & nuances.  Without going into detail (saving that for the review lol) it simply means it's a sure-fire winner!  Looks like another candidate for our upcoming APL update to me!


It's great to see ya back, Nrrivas.  I've always been a fan of your stuff, man.  I hope this isn't a one-time good deal, but if so, we'll most certainly graciously accept your offering and be satisfied (more than) with it.  Again, great stuff, but truthfully I would expect nothing less!

- OLD_mumrha's New Release!  posted by COPE Feb 1, 04

With five other tracks to his credit, this is by far his best effort to date.  Our racing companion has just taken a giant leap forward in terms of track making, and his newest creation, "X-Raid" serves as testimony to that statement.  It's a rally based on the famed marathon racing event, "Paris to Dakar", and the guy really did a heck of a job.   If you haven't picked a track for our upcoming APL update (April 1), consider this one a no-brainer.  


Mum, I really like how this one turned out, and although some may shy away from it due to it's length (7 min long), I for one am more than willing to put in two or even three laps on it any time, any day lol.  Excellent job, partner-- nicely done!