- Rocketalces' Newest Release posted by COPE Jan 31, 05

Now that the site is back online (I'll forego expounding on that topic; gives me a headache) I suppose we can get back on track with our updates. 


Many people may not know the name ‘Rocketalces’ (okay so he's a moose - so what lol), and maybe that has something to do with the fact that he only has five tracks to his credit, one of which was an overhaull of TRI’s Voodoo Island.  His first outing came in December of 2002 with a little number he called, LaPaLu.  It wasn’t a bad track by any means, however, it suffered from many of the ailments you typically find in debut tracks – misaligned textures, floating models, sections that could have been thought out a little better…things of that sort.  After a  four month break, and in April of 2003 he puts the final touches on LaPaMa, which incidentally comes in two flavors; Elk Fun and Moose Challenge.  LaPaMa marked a significant jump in terms of quality over his first effort, and the number of downloads serve as testimony to that statement.  His crowning achievement came during the Expo of 2003 when he garnered first place honors with an outstanding track he dubbed LaPaWoP.  


In early December of last year, he approached me about the possibility of Team SLO beta testing a track he was working on.  We happily accepted, and after nearly two months of refining, he sealed the deal with what in my opinion is his best work to date.  Castle Nugget (which is actually a track pack) is a very challenging, compact circuit set in a city.  It's a unique piece of work consisting of three tracks: Race of the Champs Castle Nugget, Counterclockwise Castle Nugget, and Parking Practice.  I won't elaborate on the Parking Practice track, but I highly recommend making use of it lol.


Rocket, thanks a heap for allowing us to work with you on such a great track.  Personally, I'm still amazed at how you're able to produce the kind of work you do with so little experience.  By all means keep cranking 'em out! You'll never hear any complaints from us.  

- Introducing ...  posted by COPE Jan 21, 05

In the past few months we've added three new faces to our lineup:  SLO_Kathy301 (the 301 is either her old apartment number or her shoe size; we're not sure), SLO_CLC, and SLO_BIMMER_GT.  Not a one of them is worth learning more about really, but if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, peruse our Team Profiles page for a closer look lol. 


Today we've added yet another name to our roster.  He hails from Singapore, which I think is really cool because I'm kinda tired of hearing, "Oh I'm from Indiana" or "I live in Oregon".  I think the absolute worst is "I'm in California".  Got a couple of weirdoes from Canada on the team, too.  Boooooooooooooring lol.  Anyway, without further ado, allow me to introduce the man of the hour...




Like Bimmer, Demigod, Kathy301, ObeOne, & GT3K, he's a one-time pure rumbler who morphed into a racer-rumbler, and I'm here to tell ya, the kid is none too shabby!  Course, he's no COPE, but hey - who is?? 


I'm going to try something different.  You won't be reading conjured up tall tales about his recent excursion in the Mojave Desert dressed in leotards and a stylish chapeau.  There will be no wild and crazy stories about how when he was four years old, he fought off three grizzly bears armed with only a Tonka Toy and a soiled Huggies diaper.  Nope, there will be none of that stuff today.  This time I'm sticking to the facts.  The following are shocking and sometimes revealing excerpts taken from a conversation FuZeD had with the one & only RAZ back in October of last year.  You see, people come into my room thinking I'm not around, and they engage in these wacky conversations never realizing I'm saving it all lol. Here we go:


 RAZ-FuZeD 1    RAZ-FuZeD 2    RAZ-FuZeD 3    RAZ-FuZeD 4  


 RAZ-FuZeD 5    RAZ-FuZeD 6    RAZ-FuZeD 7    RAZ-FuZeD 8  


Is that great material or what?  I kid you not, I was crying tears reading that stuff, and again, I didn't touch it - didn't add one word lol. 


FuZeD....welcome to the team, bud.  Hopefully it was worth the wait.  Oh, and let me tell ya, it's been quite a while since I've seen that many "Yes" votes pour in (3) for one individual, so be sure to thank RAZ (who voted twice) and BRO_USA for getting you here lol.  Once again, and on behalf of the entire team, we are very glad to have you aboard!!

- Hot Heli's posted by COPE Jan 8, 05

This is a repeat post from last summer, but when I was doing backups recently, I came across a file I thought deserved more exposure.  What I'm referring to is a set of alternate helicopters made by ZOtm_BigDOGGe (who also was kind enough to make SLO_Smiley's truck) that can be applied to this game.  No, they won't bail you out of trouble any faster, but they're sure nice to look at!  If you're running short on space with respect to the 99 pods the game allows for, try merging them with with Fixmore3a using Podmate.  Both utilities can be found right here on our site.  

- A Tribute to SLO_Jumper  posted by COPE Jan 4, 05

Because we're friends & teammates, the words "biased opinion" may come to mind to some when I say that HotShoe is one of the most innovative track makers this game has ever seen.  Mind you, those same words also apply to guys like Valvejob, mike204, ONaN, Oops, Enocell, Alpine, Malibu350, World, Phineus, and of course, ZooN, Yeastman, Guitar Bill, and a host of others.  My point is simply this: Shoe (that's what he likes to be called--he says it impresses the girls lol) has definitely carved out his place in MTM 2 as one of the all-time greats.  Sure, it's accurate to say that's merely one man's opinion, but if you look at what he's done, my assessment is right on the mark.


He recently dedicated two tracks to members of our team: JDAK (JDAK's Jaunt) and Muddd (Muddd Slide), and both are nothing short of superb.  This time around he put one together for SLO_Jumper, who joined this team during its infancy back on April 25, 2000--exactly 45 days after we were established.  He's undeniably one of the fastest guys to ever play this game (proof positive), but more importantly he's a vital member of this team.  In short there's no refuting the fact that SLO wouldn't be what it is today without him; that's how big of an impact he's made to this organization.


HotShoe's tribute to Jump is appropriately entitled "Mountainous Jump", and believe me, it's...well, let me put it this way; Shoe's name is on it, so that's like money in the bank, baby lol.  It's a SLO product, hence it'll be added to our SLO Tracks List in the near future (tomorrow lol), so if you have this list, all you'll need to do is download the track and updated .ini file, and you'll be good to go. 


In closing, on behalf of the entire team I'd just like to say, "Jump my friend, this one's for you, bud...for all you've done and continue to do in support of Team SLO."

*See--not one time did I refer to you as Chump-face in this post lol.