- JDAK's Jaunt by SLO_HotShoe posted by COPE May 20, 04

As I see it, having your name displayed prominently on a track is considered quite an honor.  Of course, it certainly helps if it's a good track lol, but nevertheless, the gesture is what truly matters.  SLO_HotShoe's newest release bears the name of one of the guys who started Team SLO - SLO_JDAK.  He doesn't make websites, tracks, or trucks (some days he can't even drive the one he has lol), but I'll tell you what, for someone who's seemingly in the background, JDAK's commitment, dedication, and unrivaled sense of teamwork and support epitomizes what we're all about. 


Ok, I gotta tell this story, and I'll keep it short lol.  When it was just the four of us - N8, JDAK, TurboTA, and myself, JDAK was without question the undisputed king of the tracks.  I mean, if you beat JDAK on anything, that was a hallmark day; you could go to bed that night feeling proud because everything was now right with the world lolol.  I'm not kidding, I can't count how many times N8 & I would be gunnin for the guy, only to come up short in the end, especially on one of his favorite tracks: Twislosi's MotoX.  Then after he'd leave for the night, we would compare notes, saying stuff like "Man...did you see what that maniac did at that one turn?  I didn't think that was possible, but if he hadn't of done this and that, and if I had only been a little better here and there...I coulda beat that sucker!" lolol.  


We shared some great times, and call me a sentimental fool, but I'll never forget 'em.  JDAK, this one's for you, bud - for all that you've meant to this team over the years.  Shoe, definitely a classy gesture on your part, which is indicative of your unmatched benevolence...and your tracks aren't too bad either lol.


~ JDAK'S Jaunt ~

- Short Track List Update! posted by COPE May 16, 04

Malibu350 has updated SBM Speedway (texture repairs, adjusted checkpoint collision properties, inserted a picture of my truck, etc.), so if you have our Short Track List, all you need do is download the track, overwrite the old version, and you're all set.  There's no need to re-download  the .ini or make changes to it.  Pretty clever of him to ensure that the pod name remained the same, eh?  Well...actually it's not lol, but anyway, if you don't have this list and you're planning to download it in the near future, the new version is already included, so no worries.


Thanks for the speedy customer service, Mal!

- NIRc_uLtRaMaX_ posted by COPE May 14, 04

I'm posting this to let the entire world know that today is NIRc_uLtRaMaX_'s birthday.  Yahoo.  Hurray.  Whoopee.  Big freakin deal.  I believe he's 10...or at least that's how old he acts lol.  Anyway, if you see this guy around the Zone, and you feel like acknowledging his birthday because you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time...go for it lolol.


Happy Birthday, MaX!!

- Short Track Madness  posted by COPE May 14, 04

Inspired by a suggestion from Nd4spCharles, a relative newcomer to the field of track making (and definitely one to watch), SLO now has a new track list consisting of tracks with 1-minute laps or less.  It's tailor-made for newcomers as these types of tracks are relatively easy to learn, but this list also promises to be the source of some fiercely contested races as competitors battle it out to position themselves for the win.  Patience isn't necessarily a virtue on tracks this short lol.  You'd better figure out what you need to do in a hurry and just go for it!


It's aptly named, "Short Track List", and features 58 superb tracks.  Trust me, you'll want to get this list, folks.  There's no doubt in my mind it'll be pretty popular throughout the Zone in no time at all.  Oh, and allow me to plug my man Charles by saying it features both of his new releases:  "Shepherd of the Hills" & "Apache Wells".  Both are outstanding pieces of work, as you'll find out once you download this list! 


Thanks for the recommendation, Charles, and we'll see ya on the tracks, bud!!

- ICDOAN'S INCINERATOR! posted by COPE May 12, 04

Once again Rep Fan has come thru for us, and in a big way. This time around he put together a mean, lean, racing machine for one of our newest members - ICDOAN (commonly referred to as "Hey you!" around SLO HQ).  I just uploaded it to our SLO_RIDERS page, so I haven't had a chance to road test that bad-boy, but I will tonight since I have a few tracks to run for our Hall of Fame.


RF - thanks once again, bud.  Man...we've made tracks for you, praised your name countless times here on our N&U, sent you money, tickets to concerts, and coupons for your favorite elixir.  Heck, the only other thing I can think to do for ya is to send you this soon to be framed & autographed 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm) Glamour Shot of JDAK.  We just finished teaching him how to spell his name (again), so it's a pretty special gift lol.  I know, I know - it's probably too much, but hey, that's just the kind of team we are; generous with a capital "G".  If there's anything else we can do for ya, just say the word, and we'll look into it...if we're not busy with other matters, that is (like sleeping, eating, or watching tv).  LOL thanks again, RF!!!

- New Look To Our HoF posted by COPE May 8, 04

With all of the other updates that's taken place on our site of late, the most dramatic change can be found on our HoF pageJump broke out a can of interior latex paint and tailored it to the site's color scheme.  He tweaked a few other minor things here & there as well, culminating in improved navigation and an overall more accurate page.  At any rate, it's not quite done yet; we still have a few things left to do, which will take place over the next few weeks.  Check back from time-to-time to see how it's coming along, and of course, check out the lap times on your favorite tracks.  If there's a replay available you'll be able to see for yourself how the record holder achieved those incredibly fast times!

- Track List Updates & More posted by COPE May 3, 04

Two track lists went up today:  RIP's APL and the Ready-2-ROX lists.  The ini zips and printable garage sets are in place as well.  The remaining updates consists of adding new tracks to our Misc track page, and redoing the forum navbar now that we've got the kinks worked out in there.  That should be it for a while...I hope.


P.S.  Checkout the new pic of PaPa on our profile page.  I always wondered why some people called him "MacDaddy P.", lol.  Now I know!

- The Adoob List posted by COPE May 2, 04

The entire Adoob list will be available on our server as of tonight.  Prior to today, the zip only contained tracks that didn't exist in one of our other track lists, however, given the increase in popularity, it's pretty much a no-brainer to fork up the space and house the whole sh-bang.  More track list news forthcoming...