- A Great Place To Be  posted by COPE Nov 23, 04

If you're looking for a forum that practices/promotes helping others, has tons 'o variety, and is chock full of friendly people (very), then I've got just the place for ya! It's the MPC-The Phoenix, hosted by +NAVAL_ & +DakotaSky.  One might assume it to be exclusively a MPlus hangout, but actually everyone's welcome!  By all means have a look around over there and get a feel for the atmosphere. Afterwards you'll know what I know, and that is it's great place to kick back and relax.


Oh, almost forgot - they just started up a trivia function that's held Sundays @ 4 P.M. PST - 7 P.M. EST.  So if trivia is your thing, by all means go check it out! 

- NIRc_Ashes' "The Village"  posted by COPE Nov 19, 04

I'm guessing people are trying to get their tracks published before the end of the year closes out...for some reason.  Do you get a substantial tax cut if it's done before 31 December?  


Regardless, the fact is we've had three superb tracks posted in less then a week, & this time around it's my man NIRc_Ashes in the spotlight.  His new track, The Village, is a wide-open rally that's fun, somewhat challenging, and very well-suited for large crowds.  I'll also add that he's A LOT easier to work with when it comes to beta testing, unlike some of these track makers out here.  A few names come immediately to mind:  PreACheR, HotShoe, Gutterboy, Fila, Demigod, & PreACheR.  Yep, I know I said PreACheR twice, and that's because as much as a pain as the other guys are to work with, he's the absolute worst lol.  


But never mind them -  by all means check out Ashes' new track!  I love this guy's work and his slightly retro style.  Great job, Ashe - keep cranking 'em out, partner!! 

- SLO_PreACheR Returns! posted by COPE Nov 18, 04

Few would argue that the bulk of the talent on this team resides with our younger generation.  Course, the same holds true for the crazies we have, too lol.  With that said, PreACheR has come out of retirement & put together an extremely nice MX track he named, Scars MX.  I'm pretty biased when it comes to this team, which is understandable, I'm sure, but the fact of the matter is Jr. (that's what we call the little weasel around here lol) is one very talented youngster, and his tracks speak for themselves.  


We're all pretty excited to see you back making tracks, Jr.  In light of your return I suppose we'll nix the petition to have your name stricken from the site, all your tracks removed (and burned), and that piece-of-crap Subaru of yours driven off the nearest cliff. Gutterboy volunteered to do the honors, but that didn't quite fit into the scheme we had arranged.  You see, we were thinking of strapping him to it, that way we'd be rid of both him, as well - two  miserable losers wiped out simultaneously.  Actually 2.5 if you count that Subaru lol.  Oh well, sometimes even the best laid plans have to be set aside...for a while lol.  


Great work on Scars MX, Jr.!!!  Seriously man, it's really nice seeing your name next to a track again, and we're definitely looking forward to your next project, which is slated to be a rally.  

- New Track Release! posted by COPE Nov 13, 04

Yep, he's been slackin' on us, but when he gets around to cranking one out, it's always an excellent piece of work, and more than worth the wait. 


Malibu350 is the name, and his newest release is called "Learning to Fly".  It's a conversion based on EVO 2 4X4's "Final Destination", and boy is it slick!  It's short (around 1 minute per lap) and somewhat tight, but passing is definitely feasible; it's just a matter of picking your spots.  


If you're a long-time fan of his conversions, well hey - add yet another one to the list because this one's a keeper!  It has all the typical ingredients: superb craftsmanship, exceptional texture work, and as with most of his conversions, the slight course deviations from the EVO 2 4X4 version are always right on the money and perfectly suited for MTM 2.  "Learning to Fly" has Short Track List written all over it, so if you happen to have that particular collection of tracks, be on the lookout for an update in the very near future.


Awesome work, Mal - kinda surprised me with this one!   

- Site Navigational Bar Update posted by COPE Nov 5, 04

We've updated our site navbar with two new links: CNR and RNR. In part, variety is what keeps this game fresh for us.  We've "dabbled" with CNR here and there, and "sampled" a few RNR sessions from time-to-time, but now these two formats have taken on more of a significant role in our gaming...and they're both great fun! 


If those letters don't mean much to ya, but you're intrigued nonetheless, set aside a few minutes and read up on the particulars.  Afterwards, if you're interested in giving them a try, drop us a line in our forum and we'll let you know when the next event is scheduled. 

- SLO_RIDERS Team Trucks Pack posted by COPE Nov3, 04

We recently added a new addition to our SLO_RIDERS track pack. Typically the way it works is we'll get a new member who decides he/she just can't do without a custom truck, so our long-time good friend, RepFan works his magic and poof! - one awesome, personalized truck ready to roll. 


Like I said, that's how it "usually" goes.  This time around, however, BRO decided he wanted/needed/claimed he didn't want to live anymore if he didn't have a new ride.  Much to my dismay, RF obliged the 49-yr old spoiled brat (who already has two trucks - yeah & uh huh) by making him a very slick 1967 Chevelle SS.  Excessive, you say?  Oh, without a doubt.  Does BRO deserve it?  Of course not!  He's got more trucks than anyone else on the team!  But at the same time, who could turn down a car that looks like that??  The icing on the cake is that it handles great!!  


So, if you have our trucks already, by all means download this newest version that feature's BRO's '67 Chevelle SS.  Or if you'd rather have the Chevelle without the other trucks, you'll find it right here, with all of other trucks.


As for RF...what more can we possibly say about this guy?  Well, there's lots more, but not much of it has to do with trucks, and quite a bit of it is socially acceptable language, so we'll simply fall back on, "Thanks yet again, REPFAN!!"