- SLO's Garage Sets Pages posted by COPE Oct 30, 04

If you use our garage sets pages (example) as a reference when racing our track lists, great--we're glad they're serving their intended purpose.  Realize, however, that we periodically update them as discrepancies are noted.  If you disagree with the garage sets for a particular track, check our site to see if the page was updated to reflect a more suitable setting.  If not, simply send us an e-mail (click on my name above) and we'll get it ironed out. 


Tonight a couple of guys (whose names I won't mention...but their initials are SCAT, PaPa, Shoe, & Knuckles), claimed that the sets page for the track Rodent Run 2 by SMP Creations was incorrect.  They were wrong, of course, but moreover it's seems obvious to me that the sets page they were using was printed prior to July 13, 2004, which was the last time it was updated and corrections were made...probably for that track!  The really sad part is one of the guys (once again I won't single anyone out (PaPa) because it serves no practical purpose) came up with the idea and formatted the layout for those pages!  Tsk, tsk, tsk lol.


The morale of the story?  Don't be like those Losers whose names I didn't mention.  Verify your lists against what's posted on the site and reprint them as needed.  Incidentally, our garage sets pages are now dated to hopefully make things a bit easier.


This has been a public service announcement.

- Looking For A Project? posted by COPE Oct 28, 04

Team SLO is heading up the task of running every track at MTM2.com without garage settings and/or a posted lap time.  By anyone's standards it's a massive undertaking, no doubt.  But when you consider what Malibu350 & Phineus have given (& continue to give) to this game and our community, which includes much more than hosting a multi-faceted website, what we're doing pales in comparison.  


The rationale behind taking on this project is (1) To give a little something in return to a site that has given us more than we as a community could ever repay. (2) To provide basic information on each and every track to those who download from MTM2.com, regardless of type - rumble, free-roam, drag, rally, etc. (3) To help sustain and support the MTM community, which in our minds is the most important reason of all.


We're soliciting help from anyone who wants to get involved.  This project will take several months to complete, and we intend to see it through.  If it sounds interesting, but you're too busy with other things, that's okay; again, this is going to take time to complete, so there's absolutely no rush.  If you want to help, but you'd prefer to just run a few tracks, great--we'll take it!  On the other hand, if this sounds like something you could sink your teeth into, well hey, even better!  


Thus far the following MTMers have joined in the fray:  NIRc_uLtRaMaX, citieslostchild, MoNkEyBrNz, FuSeDWiReZ, & MTF_Bloodshed, & RobbyH-14.  Thanks once again guys - your help is appreciated more than you know!


You can learn more about this project by clicking here.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any SLO or the guys whose names I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Thanks for tuning in.

- Replay Ripper posted by COPE Oct 18, 04

The Godfathers of MTMG (Malibu350 & Phineus) recently came out with a nifty little tool aptly named, "The Replay Ripper".  The short version is it edits saved replays.  The long version of its uses are detailed in a readme.txt within the zip.  It's a very slick program, and if you're a racer who uses replays to study the lines, shifting patterns, and other nuances in replays made by fellow racers (or sometimes even your own replays), this is exactly what you need!


I'm not sure if anyone else was involved in the development phase of the project, but if there were others, we here on SLO tip our hats to you for helping to make this game what it (still) is, even after 6 years: AWESOME!  Thanks guys!!!

- Important Bulletin... posted by COPE Oct 15, 04

That is, it's an important bulletin if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life other than read about some guy who calls himself "RepFan".  The first time I saw his name, it was in the readme.txt of one of Finne's tracks.  I thought to myself, "Replica Fan?  Must be some pimple-faced kid Finne has fetching him food & water while he toils away on his tracks".  Turns out I was wrong; he doesn't have pimples.  


Hehe the truth is, RF (that's what ladies he plays shuffleboard and Bridge with at a local clubhouse call him), has been our ace in the hole, so to speak.  To briefly recap the story for those who don't know, he stepped in and more than took up the slack in the absence of SLO_SS, our team's truck maker.  To date he's made 18 outstanding trucks for us, and did a repaint of Jump's truck, so I guess that's like...18.5 lol. 


Recently he made a truck for our newest member, SLO_BIMMER (who's name/pic has been on this page far too often this month), aptly named "Bimmer's X5", and it's one mean, lean machine!  The thing is RF griped, moaned, complained, and whined about this, that, and the other when making this truck...so much so I didn't think he wanted me to display it on our N&U.  Then when I didn't do a special piece highlighting his work, he complained about that!  It's like living with my wife...except he probably doesn't look as nice in a dress and high-heels.  I realize that's an ultra-gross visual, but I'm quite sure it's true lol.


Switching to serious biz...man, saying thank you doesn't quite cut it, so I'll simply fall back on this: As much as we appreciate all you've done for our team, the friendship and camaraderie we share is infinitely more valuable.  Once again, on behalf of everyone on Team SLO - thanks a million, RF!!!  


Well, it seems as though I blew it with the CNR track zip upload.  You see, CNR tracks are set as "rumbles", and since I didn't feel up to loading the tracks on one my other two computers, I simply grabbed CH_2005's C-Pod utility (see our Utility page), converted the ones I wanted to look at to circuits, and I was good to go.  The problem was I uploaded the tracks before converting them back to rumbles lol.  I didn't realize that until PaPa posted a question in the forum about maps on CNR tracks.


At any rate, what it comes down to is if you've already downloaded the track zip, you'll have to do it again.  I apologize for the oversight, but I'm not taking the blame alone here; someone's going down with me. I just have to figure out who it was that distracted me, resulting in this major screw-up.  Surely I couldn't make this mess all by myself lol.  In the mean time please re-download the CNR tracks, and again, we (me and the other guy...whoever it was) apologize for the hassle.

- Can You Say, "CNR"? posted by COPE Oct 11, 04

Yep, we're going retro on SLO, and this time around we mean business.  BIMMER provided the idea, so we figured if we were going to do it, we might as well do it right.  We've hoisted up a Cops 'N Robbers page, which can be found grouped in with our other Track Lists.  The page has all the rules and info you need to play the game.  In addition, we've compiled a zip of CNR tracks, along with a pod.ini file, so in no time at all you'll be off and running...or chasing.  


If you've been around for a while, you know what it's all about (although you may need a refresher on some of the details).  On the other hand, if CNR is a new term to ya, by all means read the information provided on the page.  The format is easy, and most of all it's just great fun!  That's all for now - hope to see some you girls/guys out there!!

- HBC Update posted by COPE Oct 11, 04

Our HBC List has just undergone another facelift--mostly because the previous update was rather...sloppy (thanks to me lol).  I merged the new submissions (bonehead move there) & stuck them in with the existing ones.  It was a rush job, and it showed.  But hey, that's all changed, & for the better.  Now we have a much improved list, & if I may borrow a phrase from years gone by, "this baby rocks the house!"  So if you're a rumbler who likes variety, this one's for you! 


The garage sets for this list are currently being updated.  You'll be able to view and/or download them by 6:17 p.m. est tomorrow evening.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking.  You're wondering how the heck I came up with a time like 6:17 p.m. est., right?  It's easy; I just make it up lol.  The garage sets will be back up tomorrow though - we promise!

- MTM 2 Snap Screen Utility posted by COPE Oct 8, 04

He goes by the name "METH", and hopefully I'm not too far off the mark by saying he's mostly known for his drags.  Ah, but there's more to METH than drags.  He's one of those multi-talented types, and he's put together a slick little utility called MTM 2 Snap.  It's a screenshot program that enables the user to take multiple shots while in the game.  Simply start MTM 2 Snap, fire up MTM 2, and use the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take as many shots as you'd like!  For more on MTM 2 Snap, check out the Utility Talk forum at MTMG.


Interestingly enough, although MTM 2 has decreased in size with respect to the sheer number of players, I'd challenge anyone who would dispute the commitment, dedication, and even the technological advancements today's MTM 2 has to offer compared to two and three years ago.  I'm certainly no techno-wiz, but based on what I've seen we're light-years ahead of where we used to be in several ways, and you can chalk that up to guys like METH.  I guess there is something to be said for the old adage, "Less is often times more."

- Fixmore3a posted by COPE Oct 4, 04

It was recently discovered that Fixmore3a doesn't allow the "Goodyear" lettering to show up on the tires of trucks that use the "gdyrtire" texture file.  Alpine has come out with an "unofficial fix".  Check out the details here.

- Introducing..... posted by COPE Oct 1, 04

Unbeknownst to many, Bimmer was left at the doorsteps of SLO_HQ 2 years ago.  We decided to keep it quiet since our contractual agreements with the property owners state (and in no uncertain terms), "No kids under the age of 5...especially ones named Bimmer!". Since everyone liked the little tike, we accepted the risk and decided to keep it...I mean, "him".  Still, we weren't accustomed to being around kids, and some of the things he did came across as...well, strange.  We finally figured out he just liked having his head jammed in the toilet, so SCAT, (who was responsible for the little guy's nourishment, as well as teaching him to say, "Chump-face" instead of "Jump") came up with the idea of pouring his food into the toilet and just letting him have at it.  It saved having to do a ton of dishes since he didn't need utensils, plates or cups. How bout that SCAT, huh?  The guy is ingenuity personified! 


As time passed, we decided it was best to divide up the duties of raising Bimmer, teaching him all he needed to know about life, as well as racing and rumbling.  Here's how it broke down:


nOct3rn4l - Reading, writing, & spelling.  Don't be fooled into thinking nOct's elevator doesn't quite make it to the top floor because of how he spelled his name.  That wasn't his fault; it was the 4-year old who helped him that screwed it all up.  


nLuVnIt - Pulled a few strings and got Bimmer enrolled at a popular school in the local area called "U & T Elementary"  The "U&T" stands for "Useless and Talent-less".  LuV teaches a class there called, "Rumbling for Dummies", and word has it she's a master instructor.


MUDDD - Personal hygiene, table etiquette, and how to be incredibly average (at everything).


PaPa - Racing 101 featuring some of his very own personal video footage illustrating how to hit a rock, tree, roll off a mountain, and slam into a building without ever leaving "Park".


Knuckles -  Social skills, like how to make general rudeness, profanity, and being obnoxious work in your favor in today's world.  


Fila - Fashion tips.  I think the picture says it all.


Christy - Toilet training...which we're thinking might have been a really bad idea.


Well, you get the idea.  Now that he's almost 16 (thanks in large part to the  "Tot-to-Teen" fertilizer & growth hormones we've been dumping in the toilet along with his food) we decided to make him one of us.  Having said that, please join me in a rousing round of applause for...





Welcome to the team, partner; we're ALL very glad to have you aboard!!  I'm rarely serious on this page (mostly because it's not as much fun as trashin' people), but since I'm holding the mic, I'd like to take the opportunity to say a few things on behalf of the entire team:


You're a very impressive young man, Bimmer -  especially with respect to your personal conduct and how you carry yourself, as well as how you treat others.  You respect and embrace the ideals we covet as a team, so needless to say we're extremely proud to have a guy like you represent our name.  But mostly we're glad to have you as a friend.


Finally, I'd like to present you with a gift of my own.  It was given to me (I stole it actually) by an old friend, and now I'm passing it on to you.  It's an ICDOAN voodoo doll.  What's special about it is when you stick pins into it, it lets out a blood-curdling scream - just like the real SLO_ICDOAN!!  Isn't that awesome??  Initially you'll probably think it sounds like a girl, but you'll get used to it.  Besides, that's what his voice sounds like when he's in a lot of pain.  You can also toss him off a building, hold matches underneath of it (not too long though!) or stomp on its head to get pretty much the same effect (screaming), but pins are the best!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy abusing that thing as much as I did.  Once again, welcome to Team SLO, bud!!


Bonus Bimmer Funnies